The Elecraft K3 Bible

The Elecraft K3 and P3 Manual (3rd Edition) by Fred Cady (KE7X)

The Elecraft K3 Bible

Most manuals you get are not really something that can be read from start to finish, and I certainly found the Elecraft K3 Instruction Manual very hard to read, maybe it’s my ongoing ilness, but although I found most things on the radio, easy to sort out without the manual, some functions I was getting in a right mess with.

Someone thankfully posted a link on the Elecraft K3 forum which if you have a K3 you need to be on, it is a great source of hints, tips and ideas for troubleshooting problems.

It arrived about about 2 weeks after ordering, which is not a problem, the order is done USA side, but I think it is printed in the UK or the country that you are in and then sent out locally, nothing there really a problem.

The manual itself was much better than expected, a lot thicker than I was expecting, printed on quality paper, and so worth ordering, if you own a K3 then this is possible the best upgrade that you can do, well except the P3 which I still need to find.

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