KW-2000A Downloads

KW 2000A Transceiver Banner Image

KW-2000A Downloads page for the KW-2000A Transceiver

KW-2000A - Photo 001
KW-2000A - Service Manual

KW-2000A - Schematic Diagram D9025

KW-2000A - RSGB Bulletin Review on the KW-2000A Transceiver (1967-07)

KW-2000A - Modification for 30m Artticle from Shortwave Magazine (1982-05)

KW-2000A - Crystal Locations

KW-2000A - Factory Mod 13 (ALC)

KW-2000A - Factory Mod 15 (IFT Change)

KW-2000A - Factory Mod 16 (RF Gain Pot)

KW-2000A - Factory Mod 19 (AVC Delay)

KW-2000A - Factory Mod 21 (Transmit and Receive Frequency Adjustment)

KW-2000A - HT Voltage Regulator Modification

KW-2000A - Independent Tune Circuitry

KW-2000A - Power Supply Socket Pinout Connections

KW-2000A - VFO Drift IT (Corrected)


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