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The PL509 was one of the last TV line timebase output pentode valves to be designed.

The PL519 replaced the PL509 and was pin compatible. These valves were designed for service in colour television receivers employing shadow mask tubes.

The EL509 differs only in heater requirements.

The normal anode voltage of 160 Volts is designed to be exceeded by pulses of up to 8,000 Volts and 1.4 Amps.


Radio amateurs also used such valves, known in America as ‘sweep tubes’ for short-wave transmitters, sometimes with the valves in parallel to increase the power available.

B9D Mag Noval
PL509 Schematic Symbol
PL509 Pinout

Pin 1: Grid Number 1
Pin 2: Grid Number 3
Pin 3: Grid Number 2
Pin 4: Heater
Pin 5: Heater
Pin 6: Grid Number 2
Pin 7: Grid Number 3
Pin 8: Grid Number 1
Pin 9: Cathode
Cap: Anode


Vf : 40v
If : 300mA
Vap : 7000v
Vao : 700v
Vg2max : 275v
Wa : 30W
Pg2 : 7W
Ikp : 1200mA
Ik : 500mA
Cga : 3pF


PL519 (Different Rating or Performance)
6KG6 (Different Filament Voltage)
EL509 (Different Filament Voltage)


PL509 Mazda Datasheet

PL509 Mazda Datasheet

37.84 KB 7 downloads

PL509 Philips Datasheet

PL509 Philips Datasheet

306.61 KB 11 downloads

Thanks to the Valve Museum for the information collected here.

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