I Cannot Remember a thing – Thank God!

A very ill James Sawle

Iv’e been back home for a while now with nothing happening and not able to get any information at all from anyone, up until the 23rd August where I have to go to hospital to have a general anaesthetic and whilst under they can get a good biopsy of the primary Tumour at the back of my nose and also have some major work done on my teeth which I was dreading as I was told that the radiotherapy really does hammer any problematic teeth, but thankfully this was going to be done whilst I was asleep and I was going to be first in and hopefully first out…

 Thankfully I do not remember any of it, in fact even after coming out of it, I don’t remember much of this day, except the pain in my mouth, that hurts, but me and teeth hate each other anyway so I was kind of expecting this, I cannot feel anything of the biopsy at all, but was told it went well and will be sent to Liverpool as soon as they can.

Me Wheelchair bound
Me Wheelchair bound

I was not really being pathetic, I was suffering from a kind of Vertigo, but happy to be pushed around Tesco’s seeing just what it is like being wheelchair bound. 

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