Nobles for Pre-assessment.

2021-09-17 - Nobles for Pre-Assessment

Things look to be back on track.

Had a load of tests this morning which took me through 3 hours of sitting around in quite comfortable chairs with loads of things being explained to me and pints of blood being drained from me for tests and level checks for things like white cell counts, etc.

I was then sent on my way to have a somewhat relaxed weekend ready for treatment start on Monday, which will be a quite one affair, around 5-6 hours in the chair.

For what is happening I have been given some sickness tablets to hopefully stop me from throwing up, some drops for my tongue and throat which is way too dry, and again told to not worry about over-dosing on the pain meds, they are quite happy to have me dosed up on the morphine and codeine mix so long as it is working, and have told me that they will be taking better care of the levels of pain that I am in whilst I get the Chemo drugs.

I have actually lost 1 whole stone in weight in the last 3 weeks, good for me but they are not too happy about that.

So finally sent back home after loads more tests and feeling a lot happier about what is happening, just have to see how I take it…

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