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Why I think the Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver is one of the Best radios for any Shack..

I have been after a new Amateur Radio for years and just like busses they all seem to come at once.

I have got quite a few very old Vacuum Tube transmitters and receivers, but having given up Amateur Radio quite some time back I either moth-balled what I wanted to keep or got rid of it to some very close friends, and sadly for me anyway my biggest regret to date was parting with all my Drake Gear.

But I do have the thought that they went to the best friend I have left over here and also knowing that they not only are being looked after incredibly well, but also in the knowledge that any issues with them after I purchased them have also been sorted out under his very capable care, something at the time I was aiming to do but never got around to it.

I have always wanted to get hold of a new radio, top of the wish list has always been the Icom IC-7610 or even the Elecraft K3, but alas never seen any of them available when I had the money available, and now that I am not working at all due to illness the chances of getting hold of the dream rig is somewhat very remote indeed.

Also on my wish list of old has always been the Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver, yes it would also include the Yaesu FT-5000 but that is totally out of my reach, but I always wanted a good radio for contesting which is something that I used to enjoy, and the Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver is certainly capable of handling this.

Another reason for always wanting this, is that you can, if you are lucky enough to locate one, fit the RF-Space IF-2000 to the radio to give it a true Panoramic Adapter, problem here is finding one of these units now, but saved searches on eBay will hopefully throw one out of the cobwebs in the years to come.

The Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver is also perfect for data modes, mainly RTTY, but also Packet, both of which I really enjoy.

I never really do any other modes but this is because unlike some people out there that use software such as Ham Radio Deluxe for their data modes with Macros, and Short Cuts.

I have always produced RTTY (FSK) via old school methods, originally via my Drake TR-4CW and the Drake Theta 7000E Communications Terminal, you don’t get macros’ with this old gear and RTTY was a real challenge, The ease of use of AFSK and HRD along with set macros’ means that it’s not really operating as I see it, it’s like sending CW via a keyboard and using software to decode the return QSO, it’s not CW and RTTY using macros and computers is not RTTY.

Anyway, I looked into it quite a bit and I can still do FSK for RTTY and without the computers taking over with the Yaesu FT-2000, just like I used to, yes the keyboard will be a lot newer and I will need to use an interface for which I have also got hold of a microHam MicroKeyer III, this will also help logbook entries using my favourite software UCXLOG, but it handles FSK really well.

The Settings on the Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver at time of Purchase

Below are the current settings that I have copied from the radio that were changed from the default by the previous owner, the good thing about doing this is that you kind of get a feeling to how the transceiver was used but what settings were changed.

I started to copy these down and had the manual on screen at the same time and already noticed that there were a few items missing, and therefore the radio was possibly on a early firmware revision.

I checked the current version by holding down the ‘GEN’ ‘50’ and ‘ENT’ Keys on the Frequency Keyboard Entry on the Radio and then whilst held down, turn on the radio, you may need to do this a few times as they do not hang around for long and you need to read off two different sets where the VFOA Frequency is displayed, in my case:

My Current Firmware versions are:

This means that I have got ‘EDSP’ Firmware version 10.24 and also ‘Main CPU’ Firmware version 1.33 currently installed upon the radio.

So before I do the Upgrade I have made a note of all of the current settings, it is advisable to do this as the update of the firmware will also set everything to default.

In my case it is not a real issue as I will get fiddling later and make a few changes to the default settings as required for my own use.

This is the most up to date Firmware available now:

Menu NumberDisplay ReadsDescriptionAvailable ValuesDefault ValueMy Value
001AGc FST DLYSets the Delay time for the AGC Fast Mode (VFOA)20 – 4000 msec300 msec300 msec
002AGc FST HLD0 – 2000 msec20 msec0 msec
003AGc MID DLY20 – 4000 msec700 msec700 msec
004AGc MID HLD0 – 2000 msec20 msec0 msec
005AGc SLW DLY20 – 4000 msec2000 msec2000 msec
006AGc SLW HLD0 – 2000 msec20 msec0 msec
007diSP COLORbL1, bL2, bL3, ub1, ub2bL1bL1
008diSP DIM MTR0 – 1577
009diSP DIM VFD0 – 744
010diSP BAR SELCLAr, C-tn, u-tnC-tnC-tn
011diSP PK HLDOFF, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 secOFFOFF
012diSP RTR STU0, 90, 180, 27000
013diSP RTR ADJ-30 – 0 in 2 degree steps00
015dUS RX LEL0 – 1005050
016dUS TX LVL0 – 1005050
017tEy BEACONOFF, 1-255 secOFFOFF
018tEy NUM STL1290, AunO, Aunt, A2nO, A2nt, 12nO, 12nt12901290
019tEy CONTEST1 – 99910
020tEy CW MEM1tyP1, tyP2tyP2tyP2
021tEy CW MEM2tyP1, tyP2tyP2tyP2
022tEy CW MEM3tyP1, tyP2tyP2tyP2
023tEy CW MEM4tyP1, tyP2tyP2tyP2
024tEy CW MEM5tyP1, tyP2tyP2tyP2
025GEnE ANT SELbAnd, rEHbAndbAnd
026GEnE BEP LVL0 – 1005050
027GEnE CAT BPS4800, 9600, 192H, 384H4800 bps4800 bps
028GEnE CAT TOT10, 100, 1000, 3000 msec10 msec10 msec
031GEnE Q SPLIT-20 – 0 – +20 kHz55
033GEnE TX TOTOFF, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minOFFOFF
034GEnE TRV SET30 – 49 MHz4444
035GEnE uT DIALStP1, StP2, OFFStP1StP1
036GEnE SNB LVLnAin (Main), 0 – 100nAinnAin
037GEnE SUB FIL1200, 500, 300 Hz12001200
040GEnE ANTIVOX0 – 1005050
041GEnE FRQ ADJ-25 – 0 – +2500
042S-iF LSB SFT-1000 – +1000 Hz00
043S-iF USB SFT-1000 – +1000 Hz00
044S-iF CWL SFT-1000 – +1000 Hz00
045S-iF CWU SFT-1000 – +1000 Hz00
046S-iF RTTY-1000 – +1000 Hz00
047S-iF RTTY-R-1000 – +1000 Hz00
048S-iF PKT-LSB-1000 – +1000 Hz00
049S-iF PKT-USB-1000 – +1000 Hz00
050A3E MIC GAINUr (VR) – 0 – 1003060
051A3E MIC SELFrnt, dAtA, PCFrntFrnt
053A1A F-REVnor, rEU (REV)nornor
055A1A R-REVnor, rEU (REV)nornor
057A1A BFOUSb, LSb, AutoUSbUSb
059A1A SHAPE1, 2, 4, 6 msec44
060A1A WEIGHT1: 2.5 –
062A1A PC KYNGEnA (Enable), diS (Disable) diSdiS
063A1A QSKTIME15, 20, 25, 30 msec1515
065dAtA DT GAIN0 – 1005050
066dAtA DT OUTnAin (Main), SubnAinnAin
067dAtA OUT LVL0 – 1005050
068dAtA VOX DLY30 – 3000 msec300300
069dAtA V GAIN0 – 1005050
070dAtA PKTDISP-3000 – +3000 Hz00
071dAtA PKT SFT-3000 – +3000 Hz10001000
072F3E MICGAINUr (VR), 0 – 1005050
073F3E MIC SELFrnt, dAtA, PCFrntFrnt
075F3E 50 RPT0 – 4000 kHz10001000
076rtty R PLRTYnor, rEU (REV)nornor
077rtty T PLRTYnor, rEU (REV)nornor
078rtty RTY OUTnAin (Main), SubnAinnAin
079rtty OUT LEL0 – 1005050
080rtty SHIFT170, 200, 425, 850 Hz170170
081TINESHIFT1275, 2125 Hz21252125
082J3E MIC SELFrnt, dAtA, PCFrntFrnt
083J3E TX BPF1-30, 1-29, 2-28, 3-27, 4-26, 30003-273-27
084J3E LSB CAR-200 – +200 Hz00
085J3E USB CAR-200 – +200 Hz00
086J3E SLSB CR-200 – +200 Hz00
087J3E SUSB CR-200 – +200 Hz00
088rout AGC SLPnor, SLPnornor
089rout HEADPHNSEP, Con1, Con2SEPSEP
090rdSP CNTR LV-40 – +20 dB-15-15
091rdSP CNTR WI1 – 111010
092rdSP NOTCH WnArr (Narrow), uuid (Wide)uuiduuid
095rdSP CW NARR25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 800, 1200, 1400, 1700, 2000 Hz500 500
097rdSP PKT SLPStP (Steep), nEd (Medium), Gent (Gentle)nEdnEd
098rdSP PKT NAR25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 Hz300300
100rdSP RTY SLPStP (Steep), nEd (Medium), Gent (Gentle)nEdnEd
101rdSP RTY NAR25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 Hz300300
103rdSP SSB SLPStP (Steep), nEd (Medium), Gent (Gentle)nEdnEd
104rdSP SSB NAR200, 400, 600, 850, 1100, 1350, 1500, 1650, 1800, 1950, 200, 2250 Hz18001800
105SCP 1.8 FIX1.800 – 1.999 MHz1.8001.800
106SCP 3.5 FIX3.500 – 3.900 MHz3.5003.500
107SCP 5.0 FIX5.250 – 5.499 MHz5.2505.250
108SCP 7.0 FIX7.000 – 7.299 MHz7.0007.000
109SCP 10.1 FIX(1)0.100 – (1)0.149 MHz0.1000.100
110SCP 14.0 FIX(1)4.000 – (1)4.349 MHz4.0004.000
111SCP 18.0 FIX(1)8.000 – (1)8.199 MHz8.0688.068
112SCP 21.0 FIX(2)1.000 – (2)1.449 MHz1.0001.000
113SCP 24.8 FIX(2)4.800. – (2)4.989 MHz4.8904.890
115SCP 50 FIX(5)0.000 – (5)3.999 MHz0.0000.000
116tun DIALSTP1, 5, 10 Hz105
117tun CW FINEEnA, diSdiSdiS
118tun MHz SEL1, 0.1 MHz11
119tun AM STEP2.5, 5, 9, 10, 12.5 kHz55
120tun FM STEP5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 20, 25 kHz55
121tun FM DIAL10, 100 Hz100100
122tun MY BAND1.8 – 50, GE, AU1.8 E
123tAUd EQ1 FRQOFF, 100 – 700 HzOFFOFF
124tAUd EQ1 LVL-20 – +1055
125tAUd EQ1 BW1 – 101010
126tAUd EQ2 FRQOFF, 700 – 1500 HzOFFOFF
127tAUd EQ2 LVL-20 – +1055
128tAUd EQ2 BW1 – 101010
129tAUd EQ3 FRQOFF, 1500 – 3200 HzOFFOFF
130tAUd EQ3 LVL-20 – +1055
131tAUd EQ3 BW1 – 101010
132tAUd PE1 FRQOFF, 100 – 700 Hz200OFF
133tAUd PE1 LVL-20 – +100-5
135tAUd PE2 FRQOFF, 700 – 1500 Hz800OFF
136tAUd PE2 LVL-20 – +1000
137tAUd PE2 BW1 – 1011
138tAUd PE3 FRQOFF, 1500 – 3200 Hz21002100
139tAUd PE3 LVL-20 – +1003
140tAUd PE3 BW1 – 1011
141tGEn BIASAb, 0-1001Ab
142tGEn MAX PWR20, 50, 100, 200W100100
144tGEn ETX-GNDEnA (Enable), diS (Disable)diSEnA
145then TUN PWR20, 50, 100, 200 W100100
146tGEn VOX SELnic (Mic), dAtAnicnic
147tGEn EMRGNCYEnA (Enable), diS (Disable)diSdiS

Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver Firmware History

Main CPU Firmware

Firmware Version : 0121

  • DVR Noise Burst.
  • DNF Update.
  • Noise Blanker Update.
  • 60 Meter mode data corruption.
  • SSB Talk Power.
  • Speech Processor Update.

Firmware Version : 0124

  • This fixes the ADJ. ERR problem.

Firmware Version : 0127

  • Changes TOT Timer Default and a Equalizer Default.

Firmware Version : 0129

  • Permit Full Break-in QSK operation up to 40 WPM.
  • Permit CAT command EX1205 acknowledgement to 20 khz.
  • The 139 tUad PE3 LVL default is changed from +6 to+3.

Firmware Version : 0131

  • Permits monitoring the recording contents in DVS during the transmission of a message that was deleted after version 0124

Firmware Version : 0133

  • MENU 116 add 5Hz step to tuning dial steps.
  • The software version can be displayed on the radio using the three buttons GEN+50+ENT then turn the RADIO ON, the software version will be displayed for 2 seconds as XX.XX Y.YY, where XX.XX as DSP version and Y.YY as FW: 10.24 1.33

Firmware Version : 0134

  • MENU 053/055 correct keyer bug.
  • Permit monitoring DVS on the internal/external audio speaker during TX that was affected
    by version 0133 on some radios
  • Not explained on the readme: changed the GEN-50-ENT routine with “BLACK LCD” during EDSP/FW release info.

Firmware Version : 0135

  • Upgrade for Customer Service and factory alignment only! Without change from 1.34

Firmware Version : 0137

  • Addition of CAT command “RI” (To turn “TX””RX” on and off in PCC).
  • The QMB marker 014 diSP QMB MKR is corrected to center.
  • Change MIC-SEL 073 F3E MIC SEL so the Front is not chosen for DATA/PC in-put.
  • PITCH and SPEED will be displayed for two seconds when the control is adjusted. It is no longer necessary to hold the Keyer or Monitor button.
  • Provide a more noticeable change for MENU SHAPE and PASSBAND. SHAPE: 093 rdSP CW SHAP, 096 rdSP PKT SHP, 099 rdSP RTY SHP, 102 rdSP SSB SHP PASSBAND: 094 rdSP CW SLP, 097 rdSP PKT SLP, 100 rdSP RTY SLP, 103 rdSP SSB SLP.
  • Output value of the MENU SHAPE DSP is reversed.
    093 rdSP CW SHAP, 096 rdSP PKT SHP, 099 rdSP RTY SHP, 102 rdSP SSB SHP.
  • The Carrier Point frequency is optimized for CW reception.
  • Correct WIDTH indication to show correctly during Antenna Tune operation.
  • Correct the Tuning Offset Indicator during Power On at PITCH 300Hz CW mode.

Firmware Version : 0138

  • Corrected a “bug” of version 0137. In split frequency operation, which caused incorrect mode change between the sub VFO-B and the main VFO-A on RX.
  • Reduce the response time of the main & sub S meter, for more suitable readings.

Firmware Version : 0139

  • Implement 50 ms hold time for SSB TX Power meter.
    -Eliminate crackling noise from CW full break in monitor.
    -Roofing filter Auto selection no longer reverts to 15 kHz when NB is enabled.
    -Permit AF (MONI) monitor in the Packet mode (PKT).
    -DMU monitor MENU name changes:
    -Add a curve to NB GAIN control (a curve same as RF-GAIN).
    -Also includes all previous updates.

Firmware Version : 0140

  • Corrects a bug (CAT on RX MAIN VFO-A) found in Ver.0139.
  • Also includes all previous updates.

Firmware Version : 0142

  • Add MENU #031 CAT IND. CAT data activity Indicator ENABLE/DISABLE (C/S button LED).
  • Add MENU #015 LVL IND. Values are now indicated on the VFD display for PITCH・SPEED ・CONTOUR NOTCH ・DNR・CW DELAY ・VOX DELAY (Press the [ENT] key to set the command to “ON” or “OFF”).
  • The AGC HOLD TIME default values are changed.
  • Corrected a bug during TX; now the MIC-EQ is updated by PCC-2000 commands.
  • Changed MENU PRMTRC EQ LEVEL range of values to -20 ~ 0 ~ +10.
  • Changed the default values of MENU PRMTRC (LVL).
  • Added the CAT Command (CO) for APF, ON.
  • Improve the ACS operation.
  • Changed the VOX DELAY time settings to approximate the “CW Semi-break-in” DELAY setting on the front panel knob.

* After installation of Ver. 0142, you may find that computer operation with PCC-2000 may not be possible for setting proper MENU items. We will release the updated PCC-2000 software when it becomes available.

* The updated Menu Mode List is available on our web site. Click on the Files tab in the FT-2000 section and the FT-2000/D “PEP2000” Menu Mode List (1/01/09) is located under Software.

* The updated FT-2000/D Operating Manual will be posted on the website around mid January.

Firmware Version : 0143

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes previous version 0142 updates)
  • Added values are now indicated on the VFD display for MIC, PROC and RF PWR. (Press the [ENT] key to set the command to “Enable” or “Disable” MENU #015 LVL IND).
  • Changed the position and the set point of the PROC knob. The 10 o’clock setting provides 5 to 10 db compression. (*It is recommended that you utilize the monitor function and adjust the [PROC] knob suitable audio, between 9:00 to 12:00 o’clock position).

Firmware Version : 0144

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):
  • Corrects the CAT-CO01 command problem found in version 0143.

Firmware Version : 0145

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • Level Indications are added for the SHIFT and WIDTH.
  • The CW-DET indication is improved.
  • Corrects the CAT BP command.
  • Falsing of LEVEL INDICATORS is improved.
  • Frequency or Level display is shown instantly when the VFO knob or level adjustment knob is rotated (Level items turned on listed in MENU 015).

Firmware Version : 0146

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • Correct the PC keying.
  • Corrected the TX power level indication.

The level indication requires a quicker knob rotation to activate, before making fine adjustments. A slow knob rotation may not activate the display.

Firmware Version : 0147

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • Improve response time of the values indicated on the VFD display.
  • Correct the PC-keying.
  • Correct the INDICATOR VOX-DELAY.
  • Correct the AM reception GAIN.
  • Correct the MEMORY KEYER output.
  • Eliminate the “MIC EQ “indication in CW mode.
  • Change the VFD indication of MENU #34 TRACKING from “FrE9” to “FrEq”.

Firmware Version : 0148

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • Corrects the INDICATOR (NOTCH, CONT and uTUNE).

Firmware Version : 0149

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • The REC (Record Function) setting will be recalled when the power is turned on if REC was
    turned on before power was turned off.
  • The CAT MW command is corrected.
  • In the QMB-MT mode, when the VFO frequency is moved, the memory channel indication is
    cleared to 0.000.
  • The DSP firmware write mode may be accessed by pressing [CONT] + [DNR] while pressing
    Power On.
  • Holding of the [▽]F6 or [△]F7 keys will permit scrolling through the DMU Memory Channel List, when the DMU-2000 is installed.
  • The FH-2 [UP][DW]keys are made the same function as the MIC-UP/DN keys.
  • Corrected the CW FULL BKIN keying when used with the VL-1000 Quadra Amplifier System.
  • Corrected the RX in CW FULL BKIN 30wpm.

Firmware Version : 0150

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • The FH-2 [<-][->] keys are made to increment the frequency at 100kHz up or down.
  • CW carrier is corrected to change LSB <> USB when the indication is changed on VFO B.
  • Correct the CW Auto Mode.
  • DMU Band scope Display Signal Peak Frequency is centered.

Firmware Version : 0151

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • AGC: Corrected the AGC in the “OFF” position; if an AGC MENU SET item was changed, the AGC would sometimes turn “ON”.
  • KEYER: The extraneous “dot” memory is eliminated during rapid keying when the dash output starts.
  • CAT: Corrected the 1.5 kHz shift when the CAT “FA” command is used to change the frequency on
    the 5MHz band.
  • SCOPE: The right edge signal position on the display is corrected.
  • SCOPE: The left edge signal is corrected when the frequency is changed on the display.

Firmware Version : 0152

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • Stabilize initial power on display.

Firmware Version : 0155

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates.

MAIN Software Version 0155 (29th September 2011)

EDSP Software Version 11.54 (23rd April 2010)

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):
  • Long press the [RX-B] button, to access TRACKING MENU; long press the [RX-B], again to toggle back to normal.
  • The beacon setting MENU time is changed. The new setting is up to 690 seconds.
  • Corrected the DMU (SCP) FIX mode, upper band limit out of range.

Note: Ver. 11.54 EDSP implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).

Firmware Version : 0157

  • MAIN CPU implements improvements (22nd October 2012)
  • The KEYER BUG-key [REV] setting, when the DASH side was pressed, produced two dots, is corrected.
  • The intermittent VOX operation at AF-GAIN minimum setting of VFO-B CW mode is corrected.

EDSP Firmware

Firmware Version : 10.29

  • Improve the FM audio (check exactly procedure).

Firmware Version : 11.29

  • Implements the FTdx9000 (PEP9000) DSP technology.
  • DNR… superior SSB mode noise reduction.
  • DNF…greater reduction of beat tones.
  • AGC… attack time fine-tuned.
  • SSB speech processor audio augmented.
  • Activate RTTY monitor while transmitting.
  • DELAY characteristic of AGC close to analog AGC.

Firmware Version : 11.39

  • It has improved RX-TX switching noise and an important engineering change.
  • No operational changes are included.

Firmware Version : 11.45

  • Implements improvements (also includes previous version 11.39 updates).
  • The characteristic of the CONT LEVEL is changed.
  • The characteristic of the MIC and PROC LEVEL is changed.
  • Detection frequency precision of CW-DET.

*If you already have software version 0143 and 11.45 it is not necessary to update the FT-2000/D again.

* The updated FT-2000/D Operating Manual will be posted on the website around mid February.

* After installation of Ver. 0142 or 143, you may find that computer operation with PCC-2000 may not be
possible for setting proper MENU items. We will release the updated PCC-2000 software when it becomes

Firmware Version : 11.50

  • Implements improvements (also includes all previous updates).
  • Corrects a low audio problem found in Ver. 11.45.
  • Corrects the CW-DET indication problem found in version 11.45.

*The updated FT-2000/D Operating Manual will be posted on the website around end of February.

*After installation of Ver. 0142, 0143 or 0144, you may find that computer operation with PCC-2000 may
not be possible for setting proper MENU items. We will release the updated PCC-2000 software when it
becomes available.

Firmware Version : 11.53

  • Implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):
  • The DNR algorithm is not reset between TX/RX, to eliminate the increased receive noise after a transmission.
  • Increase the response of the compression level meter in conjunction with the PROC knob. (Max up to 12dB).

*Rotate the [METER] switch to select “COM” (Compression). We recommend setting the PROC level within the 5dB to 10dB range.

*When menu settings are saved on the DMU-2000 CF card and transferred to the new version, some previous versions may not transfer correctly. Please check your menu, update the settings, and then save the new settings to the CF card.

*After installation of Ver. 0142 ~ 0147 you may find that computer operation with PCC-2000 may not be possible for setting proper MENU items. We will release the updated PCC-2000 software when it becomes available.

Firmware Version : 11.54

  • Implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):
  • Corrected FM TX for a slight frequency offset.

*Rotate the [METER] switch to select “COM” (Compression). We recommend setting the PROC level within the 5dB to 10dB range.

*When menu settings are saved on the DMU-2000 CF card and transferred to the new version, some previous versions may not transfer correctly. Please check your menu, update the settings, and then save the new settings to the CF card.

Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver Microphone Settings

Yaesu MH31

Yaesu MD100

Kenwood MC60

Processor OFF

Processor OFF

Processor OFF

Mic Gain at 12 O’clock

083 = 3000 (or 3-27 for DX)

123 = 100

124 = -10

125 = 10

126 = 1500+

127 = 10

128 = 10

129 = 3200

130 = +10

131 = 10

083 = 3000

123 = 100

124 = +6

125 = 2

126 = 1000

127 = -5

128 = 5

129 = 3200

130 = +10

131 = 1

083 = 3-27

123 = 300

124 = +5

125 = 6

126 = 1500

127 = 4

128 = 3

129 = 2500

130 = +5

131 = 3

Shure 444

Heil PR781

083 = 2-28

123 = 300

124 = 5

125 = 10

126 = 1500

127 = 7

128 = 10

129 = 2400

130 = +10

131 = 10

132 = 200

133 = 5

134 = 3

135 = 1300

136 = 7

138 = 2300

139 = 8

140 = 2

083 = 3000

123 = 100

124 = 0

125 = 5

126 = 1300

127 = -0

128 = 3

129 = 3200

130 = 3

131 = 2

Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver Downloads

Yaesu FT-2000 Brochure

Yaesu FT-2000 - Brochure

Yaesu FT-2000 – Brochure

11.98 MB 0 downloads

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Yaesu FT-2000 Flyer

Yaesu FT-2000 Flyer

Yaesu FT-2000 Poster

Yaesu FT-2000 - Poster

Yaesu FT-2000 – Poster

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Yaesu FT-2000 Service Manual

Yaesu FT-2000 - Service Manual

Yaesu FT-2000 – Service Manual

23.22 MB 0 downloads

Yaesu FT-2000 CAT Control Instruction Manual

Yaesu FT-2000 Menu Setting Instruction Manual

Yaesu FT-2000 Firmware Update Proceedure Manual (01-02-2007)

Yaesu FT-2000 Firmware Update Proceedure Manual (27-03-2014)

Yaesu Logo

Yaesu FT-2000 Firmware Update Changes

Yaesu FT-2000 - Noise Blasnker Information (4th April 2007)

Yaesu FT-2000D Downloads

Yaesu FT-2000D Instruction Manual

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2021 12 23 18 46 10

Yaesu DMU-2000 Downloads

Yaesu DMU-2000 Instruction Manual

Yaesu DMU-2000 Extended Rebate Card

Yaesu Logo

Yaesu DMU-2000 Firmware Update Procedure Manual (16-10-2013)

Yaesu DMU-2000 Firmware Update Procedure Manual (29-09-2011 Rev 1.1.12)

Yaesu Software Downloads

Yaesu Logo

Yaesu PCC-2000 Reference Manual (version 1.42)

Yaesu Logo

Yaesu PCC-2000 (version 1.42)

Yaesu PCC-2000 (version 1.42)

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Yaesu uTuning Kit Downloads

Yaesu RF uTuning Kit Installation Manual

Yaesu RF uTuning Kit Instruction Manual

Yaesu USB / COM Port Drivers

Yaesu SCU-17 USB Interface Unit Instrucrion Manual

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Accessing the "Hidden Menu" on the Yaesu FT-2000 HF Transceiver


Unlike the regular menu, this ‘Service Menu’ does not have ‘Default’ values assigned to it.

If you change any of the values in this ‘Service Menu’and then ‘Save It, even a Full Factory Reset will not return any of the values that you set here to what they left Yaesu.

Changes made here could void your Warranty with Yaesu even though by now these radios are all out of warranty, think that making changes here could “Brick” your radio.

If you do make changes here and you are worried that they will become set within the radio, Cut the power imediately so that no changes will be set.

This menu is VERY dangerous if you are not totally aware of what you are doing.

Please be aware that the settings below are for my radio alone and there is a VERY strong chance that the settings for your own radio may be very different!
Settings in this ‘Hidden Menu’ are set by Technicians at Yaesu using alignment tools that most individuals will not own or have available.

To Access the ‘Hidden Menu’ Hold down the ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’ Keys whilst powering up the radio.

Item NumberDescriptionValue
d18AP1h227 204
d18bp50151 143
d18cP20087 093
d18dP10056 069
d18EP05036 051
d19AP1h230 204
d19bp50154 143
d19cP20088 093
d19dP10056 069
d19EP05036 051
d20AP1h229 204
d20bp50152 143
d20cP20087 093
d20dP10055 069
d20EP05035 051
d21AP1h226 204
d21bp50149 143
d21cP20085 093
d21dP10054 069
d21EP05034 051
d22AP1h219 204
d22bp50144 143
d22cP20081 093
d22dP10051 069
d22EP05031 051
d23AP1h213 204
d23bp50130 143
d23cP20078 093
d23dP10048 069
d23EP05030 051
d24AP1h205 204
d24bp50134 143
d24cP20077 093
d24dP10046 069
d24EP05028 051
d25AP1h197 204
d25bp50128 143
d25cP20070 093
d25dP10043 069
d25EP05026 051
d26AP1h189 204
d26bp50121 143
d26cP20066 093
d26dP10040 069
d26EP05024 051
d27AP1h140 204
d27bp50085 143
d27cP20043 093
d27dP10025 069
d27EP05013 051
d53A515070 128
d53b520085 128
d53c530124 131
d54A515070 128
d54b520085 128
d54c530124 131
d55A515070 128
d55b520085 128
d55c530124v 131

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