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If you are after a QSO Confirmation, then please send it “Direct ONLY” (I am not a member of the RSGB) enclosing either $2 or €2 to cover postage.

Please note that as from 31st December 2013, IRC’s will no longer be exchangeable at any UK or Isle of Man Post Offices.

I like most Amateur Radio operator love to receive QSL Cards, I am no exception, I do however also use the ARRL’s Logbook of the World system (LoTW) although not as often as I should, mainly due to forgetting the passwords and having to recover or reset the login again, so if you are desperate for my QSL via LoTW for DXCC, etc Please contact me via the Contact Page and I will sort myself out and upload any missing logbooks.

I am not a member of the RSGB and therefore do not receive any cards sent through the RSGB bureau, even when I was a member they never arrived so just do not bother with a membership anymore.

I ‘DO NOT’ use eQSL, sorry but I cannot see the point of it!

I am more than happy to send out a QSL Card for anyone previously contacted, but I will require the normal $2 to cover postage, my QSL Card Management software which just happens to also be my logbook software called UCXLOG (Dam good piece of software) does also record who has sent me the obligatory $2 so if you have not received the card I can check and can send again if need be.

Please also be aware that the Isle of Man does not use UK stamps, we have our own post offices (even though most of them are being shut down), so please do not send me UK stamps.



If you are waiting for a QSL from me, I really do apologize, please pop me in a reminder via the contact form below and I will look into this as soon as possible. 

If you just wish to be kind and help me out with the on-going costs to the website, then any and all help is always gratefully appreciated.

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