Shit Year

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I will apologise from the get go, this is going to be a VERY selfish post!

It’s my “Birthday” today, I’m stuck in hospital with way too many things going wrong and gone wrong, and I really am feeling very low.

The Year in Short

Everyone has a crap year now and then then, not sure if they ever seem as bab as mine, and compèred to the wowed of third world countries, the troubles around the world with Covid, BrekSit and all the other crap, I’m sure is is actually very not worth reading.

Pro’s for the Year.

Con’s for the Year

  • I spent ages ttying to even remotely think of one thing I could add here and the ‘Only’ thing that I could put was as is ‘Family and Friends’, without them and especially in my present condition, with all that has gone wrong this year, I really think I would have given up, I have a few friends of old, that one way or another I kind of should contact more often or even at all, but either scared of pestering or scared of the response, not heard from you for years, what are you after, I have a couple here on the island that I hope that I would do anything for if any of them called, and I have lost. Intact with some ghat I just should not have done. But Friends I think is the Only pro I can think of this year, it’s not too good when you keep getting beaten down by the next column.
  • Total lack of any income, I usually find a few odd jobs that keep my under the tax bracket but also allow me to by the odd tool or save towards something nicer, the the last year has been totally dreadful. How many people can honestly say that they can survive with just £3:57 in their bank account, I worry about how can I afford Paitent transfer, I cannot afford to even just buy a can of Coke with some chips, it’s not only embarrassing replying on hand-outs even though they they are friends and loved ones, for me it’s demoralising, I see around £200 of direct debits come in at the end of the month, and eve though I know the partner pays for it, it really does hurt. Self respect is a real thing, and the next bullet point has really 
  • Been I’ll with so many things, Started off with exscrushiating pain in my right hip, then shortly after I got a service pain in my neck (No Funny Comments), I I then lost all hearing in left ear and started to loose hearing in the Right so had no choice but to visit the doctor, which was fun with all this covid crap going on, anyway, I get given then news of Cancer and a fairly bad one.
  • Half-Way through a totally New Office / Workshop / Possibly one day a Shack, Covid struck, meaning the long and the short of it was ‘Wood’ especially increased from £10 per sheet for loft boards to £48 for the exact same boards, practically over night, some stuff light 18mm and 25mm medite MDF was even worse and 25mm Marine Birch Plywood was just totally outside of the totally insane, thus meaning a project that should have taken a few months was possibly now looking at a very near very slow 3-4 years, slowing down other projects too.
  • I was not just Wood Stock, Tools we’re just impossible to get hold of, I have been in desperate need off getting a few new tools, top of the list is finishing off my ‘No Holes Barred’ Router Table, but even ‘Big suppliers like Axminster had no idea about when any of their stuff might be available at all., 
  • I bet no-one has really read the new Terms and Conditions from both eBay and PayPal ‘Big Mistake’, Basically if a seller disappears from eBay, or PayPal just claim that they cannot get the funds from the seller, and they do not need to supply proof, then basically ‘Tuff”, Over the last year, and call me a mug this has actually happened 5 times, and thankfully again, 3 of these were very small transactions that I could shrug off, but the other two items bring be nicely, or maybe not so nicely on to the next bullet point.
  • Ham Radio’s, I have been so desperate to get back into the hobby, I was so very desperately short of funds last year and needed to buy some tools, I kind of have a good source normally but had well and truly pushed this well over the limit and then some so I had now choice but to sell off my Real ‘Pride and Joy’, which was basically a near complete set of pretty mint Drake 4-Line, I let it go for the minimum that I needed, they went to a very close friend who not only did I know that he would better look after and maintain them than I could of at the time, I could hopefully be first in line if he ever gave up the hobby for some reason in the future, I do have a newer to hand, mainly a TenTec, actually from the same source, sadly it has a fault, it went away fixed in the U.K., but the needed a part which was sadly also only available if supplied and installed by TenTec, a few problems here, the main factory has long since gone, they seem to have been bought out a few times and seem to possibly sell a few things, but it seems hard to get any definite from anyone, but the biggest issue nowadays is the the USA does not really want to sell to anyone outside of its boarders, once you tell them where you are, transport costs rocker to even make buying wood seem keep. Any I am kind of loosing the plot a little, my main interests in Ham Radio are in two maim areas, older Vacuum Tubes Radios such as the Drake or more recently many failed attempts of trying to regain my youth and first transceiver which was the Yaesu FT-101ZD Mark 3, and thankfully mint versions seem fairly easy to locate, mostly though seem to be in the hands of people that know how to also beat PayPal, Twice now I have been burnt on these radios. My other interest was Contesting and I have always craved a Yaesu FT-2000, and very occasionally you do see a more sensible priced version, and sure enough I came across such an item, boxed but no microphone or manuals, so I went for that, even ended up paying a little more foe delivery which seemed fair dew to my location, but after funds vanished from my PayPal and I started Chasing for confirmation that he had received them, I got zero correspondence back, PayPal gave me 3 days, then promptly told me that I had lost my funds and should have paid with a credit card to protect the transaction.
  • I have a few other things wrong with me medically but suppose the cancer is the worst, but mentally it all takes it’s toll.

I do feel that I am having a pretty shit life now, other years have been so much better ones, I really would like to have just one break in the clouds sometime soon.

Someone who I Respected so much  way back in the past was Jo-Anne Cooper (now Milne) Dad, he would always come out with great one liners that always worked, anyway – “Life’s a Shit and then you Die”

Seems kind of right at this my time of life.

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