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I really wish that had not started this one!

I create these pages in my spare time , my philosophy in doing these pages is that I have gone through pain and way too much time to locate manuals on these old radio’s that we often love.

Nomally it has been a mix of fun to fustrating, but again that word ‘Normally’ it is fairly easy to locate a Instruction Manual, or a Schematic Diagram, etcand you do not come across too many different versions, I think 4 is about the maximum different versions that I located when I created the Drake Radio Downloads, but it seems that something has gone totally strange with regards to Hammarlund Manuals.

In just 3 days I managed to locate around 30 different versions of the same manuals!

Not just 2 or 3, nope 30 + versions of the same manual, some with missing pages, some with missing cover images (this seems to be very normal), some save in Black and White and others just compressed way too much, but the problem here is not only do Hammarlund have a very annoying attitude to Manuals in that 1 manual will cover many different radios, this means that I have to copy a manual myself about 7 or 8 times before I even know if it is a version that I will keep. Also they have multiple names for the same bloody radio which also makes Manual hunting fun…

Then I have all the variants that I have come across that not only do I need to rename to what I believe is correct, but then duplicate for the other radios that are covered in this manual and then place all these in separate directories. I then end up with loads of duplications, and the only way to check them out is to open them and check individual pages, and then hopefully delete the duplicated or just unwanted versions.

Normally I actually enjoy created these pages – THESE PAGES have really Pissed me off a bit!

So I have tried to make sure that ‘ONLY’ the good stuff is left for your enjoyment, I am sorry to say that there will still be the odd ‘Crap’ manual in this collection. I have had a hard time trying to locate good quality scans of documentation on any of the Hammarlund Radios.

I Just do not think there is enough Love out there for these old radios.

Sadly I do not come across many Hammarlund’s in the UK, also the prices on eBay and the like are basically criminal and more to the point, put on there by small minded greedy individuals that just love to use the word ‘Rare’ when describing fairly common kit.

Also Barn Finds that look as though Chickens have been using them as a chicken coop, really are not ‘Rare’ (Most of the time), but being in that state, you are almost certainly looking at 2-3 years of gentle restoration, and at a worst case spending 2-3 times in excess of what they are actually worth.

Offering £50 for a radio that you know nothing about is Fair! Lets say you have to replace all the vacuum tubes, and a few Transformers along the way, and also you may have to get parts replaced, repainted, and obviously re-wired. Why would ou pay £200+ for a radio that even fully restored will be only worth that same amount of money.

So What I have managed to Work-out....

There seems to be a lot of Manuals that cover quite a few Hammarlund Units:

  • BC-779-A, BC-779-B Receiver.
  • BC-794-A, BC-794-B Receiver.
  • BC-1004-B, BC-1004-C, BC-1004-D Receiver.
  • R-129/U Receiver.
  • RA-74-B, RA-74-C Power Supply Unit.
  • RA-84-A, RA-84-B Power Supply Unit.
  • RA-94-A Power Supply Unit.
  • SCR-244-A, SCR-244-B.
  • SCR-704 Radio Set.
  • AN/FRR-4 Radio Set

So if you have any of the models listed above just select one of the models I have covered, I have tried to only upload 1 of each variant the sizes may be different or he number of pages, some manuals may have missing or deleted pages, which is why I have uploaded what seems to be duplicated manuals, thy are just different in some way.




Control Unit


Power Supply Unit


Radio Receiver


Radio Direction Finder


Communications Receiver


Super Pro Communications Receiver


Super Pro Communications Receiver


Super Pro Communications Receiver


Super Pro Communications Receiver


Super Pro Communications Receiver


Super Pro Communications Receiver


Super Pro Communications Receiver


Single Receiving Tone Signalling Unit


Single Transmitter Tone Signalling Unit


AM Transceiver


Crystal Calibrator Downloads

Last Updated : 14th September 2022

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