Received QSL Cards

QSL Cards Received

QSL Card Information

QSL Cards received by James Sawle MD0MDI Isle of Man Amateur Radio Station
QSL Cards Received

Here you will find a gallery of QSL Cards that I have received.

Please Note I QSL Direct

I am no longer a member of the RSGB so therefore will not be getting any cards sent to me via the Bureau.  

Please contact me directly if you have sent a card and have not had a reply, Bureau’s around the world are notoriously slow and it can take ages for cards to arrive.

 PLEASE NOTE: The Isle of Man is ‘NOT’ part of the UK. So please do not send any UK Stamps or IRC’s, we cannot use them.


Postage to the USA went up substantially on July 20, 2020 because the US imposed an increase on the charge for international mail delivery, due to then not wanting to have trade with anyone outside of their boarders.

The Costs for QSL Cards Nowadays!

If you require a QSL Card from me, please send a Self-addressed Envelope with either:

  • ISLE of MAN Stamps (£0.67 for the UK,   £1.50 for Europe,   £1.75 for the Rest of World   except   for the USA, who really do not like anyone now £2.50
  • $2 to Europe or. $2 to Rest of World, and   $3 to USA to help cover postage (postage to EU = $1.75; postage to USA = $3.18, postage to JA/VK/etc = $2.34)
  • Please NO IRCs They are no longer excepted in the Isle of Man.

I like most Amateur Radio operators love to receive QSL Cards.

I have got totally fed up with LoTW and having to send off my License to the USA about every 3 months because someone at that end keeps loosing it or just cannot be bothered to enter it properly once and for all time. So Sorry but no longer use LoTW.

As mentioned above, I am not a member of the RSGB and therefore do not receive any cards sent through the RSGB bureau.

Even when I was a member they never got the cards via the RSGB Buro,  so just do not bother with a membership anymore.


More than happy to send out a QSL Card for anyone previously contacted.


Management software which just happens to also be my logbook software called UCXLOG (Dam good piece of software) does also record who has sent me the obligatory $’s.

So if you have not received a requested QSL Card, I can check and can send again if need be this time at my cost of course.



I have scanned in all the cards that I have received, if your card is not here then I have not got it, and more than likely you sent it via the buro in which case I will never get it


My QSL Card Received

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