Introduction to Mr. Hogg.

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Get a call about a week later to come in and see Mr. Hogg regarding some results, so off I go like the good little boy that I am.

I decided to take Sue with me as 1, my hearing is not brilliant and 2, she is bound to ask some questions that won’t think of, it’s good having a friend who is a good nagger.

This is where Sue hears the ‘Cancer’ word mentioned for the first time and I think she was actually shocked! I kind of secretly chuckled at this point, its not that often I get to put one over on Sue, she is normally always winding me up!

Anyway, he kind of explained everything for both of us, and explained that things will get a lot faster quite soon, I would also need to go over to Liverpool for a consultancy with a Mr. Lancaster and that this will happen fast.

For the fun of it, he wanted to take a biopsy of the neck lumps (Secondary Tumours) and set to jabbing me with local anaesthetic and after a few second I was peeled back off the ceiling with a throbbing neck, the local was not local enough, it bloody hurt, but I was kind of expecting this.

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