The Shopping List for the mcHF Project

mcHF Transceiver Kit

My mcHF Project Build Shopping List of Parts

I found quite a bit of detail out there for this project but there always seemed to be little bits missing here and there, so I thought that I would document what I could to help others out with this great little project.

The costs for the components are as of 22nd March 2015 so please bare that in mind, I have only included them as a guide so that anyone reading this will know what they are letting themselves into.

Also you will be spending a little more than this anyway, a lot of the components listed below are ‘Cut Tape’ stock, this means that they are supplied on a real of tape that would normally be loaded into a component placement machine, this means that the company that you are ordering from has to physically cut off the desired amounts manually and in the case of some of the 0805 Surface Mounted Capacitors and Resistors, they cannot really cut off just 1 unit, so you may have to buy 10 or 50 even though you only need 1 of that value.

Or you do what I did which is purchase enough of each component to build multiple units, in my case I multiplied everything by 5, not just so that I could build another unit if I mess up this one somehow, but mainly just so that I have stock for other projects further down the line such as the PICaStar Project that I have also started work on now that the PCB’s for that have arrive (more on this in another project page).

Please Note: This list is just for the Version 0.4 UI Board.

The people that have created the BOM (Bill of Materials) have done a great job, but there are still a few typos in them as and when the circuit has been updated, parts removed because they were no longer needed, etc. I had a few issues with duplicate part numbers being in the BOM and also listed in the Schematic as different values, understandable with a complex little project such as this. Just be aware that I may still have a few things listed wrong here, but to the best of my knowledge it is now correct, if though you do find a mistake, please let me know if I have not changed it yet!

I worked out the cost for this board ONLY to be around £57.00 when I ordered the components finally on the 22nd March 2015 after much checking and rechecking component values on the mcHF Project forum.

This did not include any delivery costs that were incurred.

mcHF Project Transceiver Kit
mcHF Transceiver Kit


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part Number FootprintSupplier Part Number CostQtyTotal Cost
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C19, C20, C21, C22, C23, C24, C25, C26, C34, C36, C37, C41, C42, C43, C44, C61, C62, C63, C63a, C65, C66, C67, C72, C73, C75, C77, C82, C83, C88, C89, C121, C122, C123, C124, C126, C127, C129Capacitor 100nF 50V08055C104JAT2A805Farnell174-0673£0.0742£2.94
C1a, C1b, C2a, C2b, C2c, C2d, V79, C80, C91, C92, C93, C97, C98, C99, C100, C101, C102, C103, C104, C106Capacitor 100nF 100VC2012X7R2A104K125AA805Farnell190-7331£0.0520£1.00
C7, C15Capacitor 1.5nF 100VCGA4C2C0G2A152J060AA805Farnell221-0934£0.132£0.26
C8, C16Capacitor 820pF 50V08055A821JAT2A805Farnell174-0649£0.071£0.14
C9, C12, C17, C51, C55, C70, C74Capacitor 390pF 100V08051A391JAT2A805Farnell233-2701£0.087£0.56
C10, C13, C18, C47, C59Capacitor 180pF 50V08055A181JAT2A805Farnell233-2756£0.075£0.35
C11, C50, C54Capacitor 680pF 100V08051A681JAT2A805Farnell228-0662£0.073£0.21
C14Capacitor 82pF 100V08051A820JAT2A805Farnell174-0656£0.081£0.08
C27Capacitor Aluminium Electrolytic 100uF 25VEEEFK1E101PRADCAN-SMDFarnell969-5770£0.381£0.38
C28, C29, C40, C76, C90, C105, C106a, C109, C110, C111, C112, C113, C115, C117, C119, C128Capacitor Tantalum 10uF 16VTAJA106M016R1026Farnell233-3010£0.1715£2.55
C30Capacitor Tantalum 22uF 16V293D226X9016B2TE31206Farnell175-4186£0.251£0.25
C31, C35, C38, C39Capacitor 10pF 50V08055A100KAT2A805Farnell233-2749£0.044£0.12
C32, C33, C33a, C33b, C78, C81Capacitor 1nF 100V08051C102K4Z2A805Farnell183-38490.096£0.54
C45, C57Capacitor 470pF 100VC0805C471J1GACTU805Farnell141-4693£0.072£0.14
C46, C58Capacitor 270pF 100V08051A271JAT2A805Farnell233-26980.092£0.18
C48, C60, C107, C108Capacitor 100pF 100V08051A101KAT2A805Farnell233-2692£0.064£0.24
C49, C53Capacitor 1.2nF 100VCGA4C2C0G2A122J060AA805Farnell221-0933£0.152£0.30
C52, C56Capacitor 220pF 100V08051A221JAT2A805Farnell498-609£0.072£0.14
C64See Note #001
C68, C69, C84, C85, C86, C87Capacitor 22nF 100VCGA6L2C0G2A223J160AA1210Farnell221-1120£0.876£5.22
C71See Note #001
C73See Note #001
C79, C80, C91, C92, C93, C97, C98, C99, C100, C101, C102, C103, C104, C106Capacitor 100nF 100VC2012X7R2A104K125AA805Farnell190-7331£0.0515£0.75
C81Capacitor 1nF 100VCGA4C2C0G2A102J060AA805Farnell221-0932£0.101£0.10
C94, C95Capacitor 47nF 50VC0805Y473K5RACTU805Farnell152-0303£0.032£0.06
C96Capacitor 2.2uF 50VGRM21BR61H225KA73L805Farnell184-5751£0.121£0.12
C114, C116, C118, C120, C125Capacitor Aluminium Electrolytic 100uF 16VEEE1CA101WAPRADCAN-SMDFarnell232-6111£0.175£0.85


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
D1, D5, D6Schottky 1A 60V DiodePMEG6010CEHSOD-123FFarnell151-0694£0.083£0.24
D2Schotty Dual DiodeBAT54A,215SOT-23Farnell108-1191£0.021£0.02
D3, D4MELF and HIPAX PIN DiodeMA4P7102F-1072TDigi-Key1465-1236-1-ND£2.402£4.80


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
DS1Neon Lamp Wire Ended16/30HBSIP2Farnell113-9250£0.271£0.27


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
F1Fuse 3AMC12CT 0031206Farnell184-1065£0.151£0.15

Jack Sockets

IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
J1DC Power JackFC68148SDC-10ASFarnell188-9309£0.891£0.89
J2, J3RCA 3.5mm 3-Way Jack SocketMX-387GLFarnell126-7376£1.822£3.64


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
K1, K2, K3, K4Single Winding Latching RelayG6KU-2FY 3DC2FYFarnell118-1070£5.004£20.00


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
P130-pin HeaderSILeBay2.90948E+11£0.171£0.17
P2BNC Right Angled Connector13-60-2 DGZFarnell171-2350£0.721£0.72


IDDescriptionSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
PCB1RF BoardM0NKAmcHF RF PCB£8.001£8.00


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
Q1NPN RF 12V 35mA TransistorBFR93ASOT-23Farnell108-1300£0.091£0.09
Q1aMOSFET PNDS356APSOT-23Farnell984-6409£0.321£0.32
Q2See Notes: #001
Q3, Q4BiPolar NPN TransistorDXT3150SOT-89Farnell171-3880£0.132£0.26
Q5, Q6HF RF 16 Watt Power AmplifierRD16HHF1TO-220-3eBay4.00662E+11£6.992£13.98


001 – This component is no longer required, do not install it.


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R26, R27, R28, R29, R30, R55, R56Resistor 0R 100mWMC01W08050R805Farnell933-3681£0.0215£0.30
R3a, R3b, R3c, R3d, R58, R62Resistor 100K 1% 125mWCRCW0805100KFKEA805Farnell146-9860£0.026£0.12
R9, R13, R92, R94, R96, R98Resistor 15K 1% 125mWCRCW080515K0FKEA805Farnell165-2920£0.076£0.42
R10, R15a, R20, R21, R36Resisitor 4.7K 1% 125mWCR0805-FX-4701GLF805Farnell200-8383£0.025£0.10
R11, R15, R49, R50, R59, R60Resistor 1K 1% 250mWMCHP05W4F1001T5E805Farnell157-6459£0.076£0.42
R12Resistor 5.6K 1% 125mWMCPWR05FTEW5601805Farnell188-7301£0.051£0.05
R14, R54Resistor 3.9K 1% 125mWMCPWR05FTEW3901805Farnell188-7296£0.052£0.10
R16, R17, R18, R19, R22, R23, R24, R25, R35, R41, R42, R43, R44, R46, R47, R51, R52, R71, R72Resistor 100R 1% 100mWMC01W08051100R805Farnell933-2375£0.0319£0.57
R31, R32, R33, R34Resistor 27R 5% 250mWERJ8GEYJ270V1206Farnell205-7802£0.024£0.08
R37Resistor 1.5K 1% 125mWMCPWR05FTEW1501805Farnell188-7285£0.051£0.05
R38, R39Resistor 10R 1% 100mWMC01W0805110R805Farnell933-2421£0.032£0.06
R40See Note #001
R45, R48, R69, R70, R73, R75, R83, R83b, R93, R95, R97, R99, R100, R101Resistor 2.2K 1% 125mWMCPWR05FTEW2201805Farnell188-7289£0.0514£0.70
R53, R81, R82Resistor 220R 1% 100mWMC01W08051220R805Farnell933-2804£0.023£0.06
R57, R61, R63, R64, R65, R66, R67, R68Resistor 47R 1% 330mWCRCW080547R0FKEAHP805Farnell173-8942£0.058£0.40
R74, R76Resistor 470R 1% 125mWCR0805-FX-4700GLF805Farnell200-8377£0.022£0.04
R77, R79Resistor 56R 1% 250mWMCHP05W4F560JT5E805Farnell157-6442£0.072£0.14
R78, R80Resistor 4.7R 5% 125mWERJ6GEYJ4R7V805Farnell205-7665£0.022£0.04
R84, R85, R86, R87, R88, R89, R90, R91Resistor 10K 1% 125mWCRCW080510K0FKEA805Farnell146-9856£0.028£0.16


001 – Due to the removal of Q2, the attenuation resistor, you do not need to install R40 into the board, just leave the location empty.


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
L1, L6, L9Single Line Inductor 2.2uHNLV25T-2R2J-PF1005Farnell166-9889£0.174£0.68
L2, L7, L10Single Line Inductor 1uHNLV25T-1R0J-PF1005Farnell166-9882£0.183£0.54
L3, L11Single Line Inductor 0.47uHNLV25T-R47J-PF1005Farnell166-9913£0.182£0.36
L4, L12Single Line Inductor 0.33uHNLV25T-R33J-PF805Farnell166-9911£0.182£0.36
L5, RFC1, RFC4Single Line Inductor 4.7uHB82498B1472J805Farnell400-0640£0.544£2.16
L8Single Line Inductor 0.68uHB82498B1681J805Farnell400-0559£0.541£0.54
L13, L212.4uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.152£0.30
L14, L221.4uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.152£0.30
L15, L230.58uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.152£0.36
L16, L240.26uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.152£0.30
L173uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.151£0.15
L181.7uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.151£0.15
L190.78uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.151£0.15
L200.32uH Handwound InductorLPF INDeBay4.00348E+11£0.151£0.15
RFC2, RFC3, RFC5, RFC6, RFC7, RFC9Single Line Inductor 47uHNLV25T-470J-PF1005Farnell166-9895£0.185£0.90
RFC8Amidon Ferite BN43-2402eBay3.00988E+11£0.271£0.27
T1, T4, T51:4 Wideband RF TransformerCX2074NL6 SMDDigi-Key553-1655-ND£2.313£6.93
T2, T3Amidon Ferite Toroid FT50-43eBay3.00771E+11£0.642£1.28
T7, T6Amidon Ferite BN43-202eBay2843000202£0.502£1.00


IDDescriptionManufacturers Part NumberFootprintSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
U1, U2, U15, U17Dual 4:1 FET Multiplexer / DemultiplexerSN74CBT3253CDSOIC-16Farnell175-0447£0.724£2.88
U3Voltae Regulator Adjustable +5/20VLM2941CTTO-220-5Farnell948-9371£1.231£1.23
U4Voltage Regulator 40VMC7805BTGTO-220-3Farnell121-1135£0.581£0.58
U5Voltage Regulator 3.3VLF33ABDT-TRTO-252Farnell108-7183RL£0.521£0.52
U7Quad 2 Input NOR Gate74HCT02DSOIC-14Farnell108-5298£0.391£0.39
U8I2C Programmable XO570CAC000141DGSI570Digi-Key336-2518-ND£9.511£9.51
U9Schmitt Trigger Buffer74LVC1G17SE-7SOT-353Farnell189-3834£0.081£0.08
U102-Wire High-Accuracy Temperature SensorMCP9801-M/SNSOIC-8Farnell143-9486£0.771£0.77
U11Low Voltage Dual D-Type Positive Edge Trigger74LCX74MSOIC-14Farnell101-3791£0.381£0.38
U12, U13Dual Schmitt Trigger BufferSN74LVC2G17DCKRSC-70Farnell128-7569£0.532£1.06
U14BCD Decoder/DriverSN74LS145DSOIC-16Farnell959-2300£0.601£0.60
U16High Speed Dual CMOS Rail to Rail Op AmpOPA2350UASOIC-8Farnell110-1542£3.671£3.67
U18LDO Voltage Regulator 0.1A 60VLM2931CDGSOIC-8Farnell121-1100£0.411£0.41
U19Low Power Quad Rail to Rail Op AmpTLV2464CDSOIC-14Farnell845-5171£1.561£1.56
U20, U21, U22, U23Low Voltage Audio Power AmplifierLM386M-1SOIC-8Farnell948-8324£0.854£3.40


IDDescriptionSupplierPart NumberCostQtyTotal Cost
WIRE128 AWG Enameled Copper Winding WireeBay1.41098E+11£12.351£12.35
SMA10SL0ml SMD Adhesive SyringeFarnell106-610£18.101£18.10

New stuff arrives for the mcHF Project Build

Just a quick update of parts arriving for the mcHF Project Build

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