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Got a call from the main man in Liverpool who is dealing with my case, and although things are not going how I was expecting them to go, there are kind of going forward.

He is going to arrange for me to have 9 lots of Chemotherapy here on the Isle of Man via IV’s with a week gap afterwards for my body to recoup and then loads of  tests, and if all is alright, repeat and off we go again. It is not going to be fun though, won’t be allowed visitors, not allowed to go out, as my immune levels are going to be servilely hit.

At some point over the next 9 weeks I will also get a feeding tube fitted as if the Chemo does not kill the soft tissues within my mouth off then certainly the radiotherapy will and he said that he is expecting me to be not able to eat and swallow fairly early on, which is going to be fun – Not!

After the 9 weeks of Chemo I am then being sent to Liverpool for both more Chemo and also daily Radiotherapy for up to 4 months, so Christmas in Liverpool.

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