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Amateur Radio has been a big hobby of mine in the past for me, I have always had an interest in Radios from the early days in the Royal Signals, through to working on many yachts doing installation of electronics which obviously included Radios and other sexy kit, and even since those days when I went into IT, I always had a radio at home listening and playing with various bits of equipment. I was quite lucky to move to the Isle of Man and meet some good Amateur (and Quite a few not worth knowing). But even here with a large amount of land there has been a few hiccups along the way, such as the big one that sore an entire Shack’s worth of equipment (everything from Books, Computers, and All the Radio Equipment) taken out over night when a water tank in the loft space split one night, but many years later I am finally getting things back in order, no thanks to the Cancer.

Restoration Projects Related Posts

I am always looking for Restoration Projects, Test Equipment, and Classic and Old Radios that just need to be looked after and cared for. Some of the Restoration projects may take many years to complete, it all depends on Parts Availability (A Real Mine Field), Waiting for Sand Blasting, Metal Fabrication and Respraying, Trying to find documentation and Schematic Diagrams good enough to work from, and of Course my Own Health and Free Time. So I am sorry for the delay in updating some projects such as the KW Vanguard, that started off as the first of 10 that I had to restore, and has ended up being the last to finish.

Electronics Related Posts

I have many years back completed a City & Guilds 224 Electronics Service Course Parts 1 to 3, this covered all the basics and since then I have always had a hands on mentality to repairing things, It started off with what we now call Retro Computers with my first and only job in the Electronics field working as a technician for a Company called Commodore based in Corby at the time right up until they shut down the Corby plant. After that I have always repaired stuff such as Computers of all types, CB Radio’s and of course Amateur Radio gear. I have grown to really love Vacuum Tube radios such as the KE Electronics gear as well as Drake just to name a few and have taught myself what not to touch and what to understand with regards to this old gear, I was big into this in the past, but in recent years I have had other problems to deal with, I hope to post a few interesting bit here, soon.

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My Humble Website

The site has been steadily growing, and along the way I have really only put stuff up for my own reference, but it looks as though the website has been out-growing me a little bit, the last backup was a whopping 86Gb. It is not cheap, and it takes up way too much time to add stuff and sort out problems along the way. To run this site it costs me £70 per month for the hosting package, along with yearly costs of domain name registrations that are over £100 per year (I have 4 domains at present) and plugin and theme costs that are over £200 per year, basically a bloody lot for a hobby website, but it has now become something that I feel is important. The Cancer has made things a little difficult, I now no longer have an income and for most of the time I am wheelchair bound thanks to the after effects of Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Just recently I have been blown away by the kindness of a few individuals, to which it is greatly appreciated, I have kindly been sent small donations, and even some great kit to restore or just maintain and look after as best I can. I cannot really put the words together to pay enough tribute to those that have been so kind to someone that they do not know, I really do appreciate what you have done and thank you so much, It is very much appreciated and in some cases, you have made a grown man cry.


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Also Check out his Books on the RSGB Website.


I am now retired and living on the Isle of Man, my background is as varied as it gets, ranging from Information Technology to Graphic Designer and 3D VFX Artist, using and teaching Autodesk Maya, Softimage, and Smoke, one of more enjoyable positions.

Since Moving to the Isle of Man I try to keep myself to myself and work on the house, I don’t do much with regards to Amateur Radio or Electronics anymore, but I am still interested in the hobby and may well get back into it one day….

Since moving to the Island I have been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer, this has been a real battle, Chemo and Radiotheraphy was done in Liverpool and was 7 weeks of Pain, this has left me with no Taste Buds and no saliva, absolutely everything tastes of cardboard, and I cannot drink water due to a side effect of the No Taste Buds, This will never improve now and for however long I have left here I will never be able to Eat and Drink. Personally if anyone reading this get throat cancer, NEVER GET RADIOTHERAPY.

I am always blown away at the help that I have been shown, here, anything to help with the running of the website is VERY much gratefully received.


For Donations:

David Naas
Noris Battaino (IW3SGG)
Christopher Wood (GI0KMX)
Hermann Kaiser (DF9DO)
Kevin Siddall
David Cutter,
Tom Maxwell,
Juergen Krause

For Sending Me Equipment:

Guy Wienands (DB6KV)
Douglas Dodd (GD3RFK),
Kerry Rochester (G8VR),
Mike Birchall (MD0VMD),
Godfrey (Colyn) Baillie-Searle (GD4EIP),
Mike Farrant (GD4BEG)

Special Mentions:

Harry Blackburn (MD0HEB) SK,
Mike Jones (GD4WBY) SK,
Ralph Furness (GD4IHC) SK
Bob Barden (MD0CCE)

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