DBm Conversion Table

Rigol RSA-3000 Spectrum Analyser

DBm Conversion Table

A Useful Conversion chart for making sure that you do not Blow-up any Test Equipment.

You should always use a DC Block on a Spectrum Analyser and if checking out say a 100W Radio and you want to test the radio to the 100 W Max, then you need to also use a 50 DBm Attenuator.

Always check the Input terminals on a Spectrum Analyser to see what the Max Voltage is that they recommend, Exceeding this or even not using the correct attenuator will blow up your precious Spectrum Analyser.

You should be able to work out other values from the chart below.

DBmWattsVoltage (P-P)Voltage RMS
-300.0010 mW20.0 mW7.0 mV
-280.0016 mW25.1 mW8.9mV
-260.0025 mW31.6 mW11.2 mV
-240.0040 mW39.9 mW14.1 mV
-220.0063 mW50.2 mW17.7 mV
-200.010 mW63.2 mW22.3 mV
-180.016 mW79.6 mW28.1 mV
-160.025 mW100 mW35.4 mV
-140.040 mW126 mW44.6 mV
-120.063 mW158 mW56.1 mV
-100.100 mW200 mW70.7 mV
-80.16 mW251 mW89.0 mV
-60.25 mW316 mW112 mV
-40.40 mW399 mW141 mV
-20.63 mW502 mW177 mV
01.00 mW632 mW223 mV
21.58 mW796 mW281 mV
42.51 mW1.00 V0.33 V
63.98 mW1.26 V0.44 V
86.31 mW1.58 V0.56 V
1010 mW2.00 V0.70 V
1215.8 mW2.51 V0.89 V
1425.1 mW3.16 V1.12 V
1639.8 mW3.99 V1.41 V
1863.1 mW5.02 V1.77 V
20100 mW6.32 V2.23 V
22158 mW7.96 V2.81 V
24251 mW10.0 V3.54 V
26398 mW12.6 V4.46 V
26.99500 mW14.1 V5.00 V
28631 mW15.8 V5.61 V
301.00 W20.0 V7.10 V
321.58 W25.1 V8.90 V
33.012.00 W28.2 V9.99 V
342.51 W31.6 V11.2 V
34.773.00 W34.6 V12.2 V
363.98 W39.9 V14.1 V
36.024.00 W39.9 V14.1 V
36.995.00 W44.7 V15.8 V
386.31 W50.2 V17.7 V
4010.0 W63.2 V22.3 V
4215.9 W79.6 V28.1 V
43.0120 W89.4 V31.6 V
4425.1 W100.2 V35.4 V
44.7730 W109.5 V38.7 V
4639.8 W126.1 V44.6 V
46.0240 W126.4 V44.7 V
46.9950 W141.4 V50.0 V
47.7860 W149.6 V52.9 V
4863.1 W158.8 V56.1 V
48.4570 W167.3 V59.1 V
49.0380 W178.8 V63.2 V
49.5490 W189.6 V67.0 V
50100 W200.0 V70.7 V
52159 W251.7 V89.0 V
53.1200 W285.7 V101.0 V
54251 W316.9 V112.0 V
56398 W399.0 V141.0 V
56.2400 W408.3 V141.3 V
58631 W502.3 V177.6 V
601000 W632.4 V223.6 V

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