Islands on the Air (IOTA) Unique Identifiers

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Islands on the Air or more often just refereed to as ‘IOTA‘ are very often sort after, these can range from the very largest of all our Islands to the smallest Reef in the world and can be completely uninhabited except for the wildlife that makes these small bits of rock home.

For that reason, we seek these out and when a group of amateurs strike out on what we term as a DXpedition to these remote spots in the world, we often see some major pile-ups on the bands with many stations trying to conform their contact to the remote places on our planet.

Africa IOTA Groups

IOTA Group CodePrefixIsland Description
AF-0013B6Agalega Islands
AF-002FT*ZAmsterdam Island
AF-003ZD8Ascension Island
AF-004EA8Canary Islands
AF-005D4Cape Verde Islands
AF-006VQ9Diego Garcia Island
AF-007D6Comoro Islands
AF-008FT*WCrozet Islands
AF-009FR/EEuropa Island
AF-0103CBioko (Fernando Poo) Island
AF-011FR/GGlorioso Islands
AF-012FR/JJuan De Nova Island
AF-014CT3Madeira Islands
AF-0153B7St Brandon Island
AF-016FRReunion Island
AF-0173B9Rodrigues Island
AF-018IH9Pantelleria Island
AF-019IG9Pelagie Islands
AF-020J5Atlantic Coast Group
AF-021ZS8Prince Edward Islands
AF-022ZD7St Helena Island
AF-023S9Sao Tome Island
AF-025S7Aldabra Islands
AF-026S7Cosmoledo Group
AF-027FHMayotte Island
AF-0287OSocotra Island
AF-029ZD9Tristan Da Cunha Group
AF-030ZD9Gough Island
AF-031FR/TTromelin Island
AF-0325HZanzibar Island
AF-033S7Amirante Islands
AF-034FRBassas Da India Islands
AF-035S7Farquhar Group
AF-036EA9Chafarinas Islands
AF-0379LBanana Islands
AF-038E3Dahlak Archipelago
AF-0393C0Annobon (Pagalu) Island
AF-0405ZCoast Province North Group
AF-041VQ9Egmont Islands
AF-042EA9Alboran Island
AF-043TREstuaire Province Group
AF-044S9Principe Island
AF-0456WAtlantic Coast North Group
AF-046CT3Desertas Islands
AF-047CT3Selvagens Islands
AF-048FT*XKerguelen Islands
AF-0493B8Mauritius Island
AF-0505TNouadhibou / Akjoujt Province Group
AF-0513XLos Islands
AF-052T5Indian Ocean Coast West Group
AF-053J2Gulf Of Aden Group
AF-0545HMafia Island
AF-055ZS1Penguin Islands
AF-0569LSouthern Province Group
AF-0575RMadagascar Coastal Islands
AF-058VQ9Salomon Islands
AF-059J2Saouabia Islands (Sept Freres)
AF-060C5Atlantic Coast Group
AF-061C9Cabo Delgado District Group
AF-062STSuakin Archipelago
AF-0635HPemba Island
AF-064ZS1Cape Province Atlantic Coast South Group
AF-065CNAtlantic Coast Centre Group
AF-066C9Maputo / Gaza District Group
AF-0675ZCoast Province South Group
AF-068CN, S0Atlantic Coast South Group
AF-069EA9Moroccan Coast Islets
AF-070V5Atlantic Coast South Group
AF-071variousGeyser Bank
AF-072C9Inhambane District Group
AF-0733VQerqenah Islands
AF-0745HLindi / Mtwara Region Group
AF-0755HDar Es Salaam / Pwani Region Group
AF-0765N4Gulf Of Guinea Group
AF-077ZS1Cape Province South Coast Group
AF-0786WAtlantic Coast South Group
AF-079ZS1Cape Province – Indian Ocean Coast Group
AF-080E3Red Sea Coast North Group
AF-081E3Red Sea Coast South Group
AF-0823CRio Muni Province Group
AF-0833VMediterranean Sea Coast South Group

Antarctic IOTA Groups

IOTA Group CodePrefixIsland Description
AN-001VariousAdelaide Group
AN-0023YBouvet Island
AN-003VK0Heard Island
AN-0043YPeter 1 Island
AN-005VK0Macquarie Island
AN-006VariousBiscoe Islands
AN-007VP8South Georgia Island
AN-008VariousSouth Orkney Islands
AN-009VP8South Sandwich Islands
AN-010VariousSouth Shetland Islands
AN-011VariousRoss Island
AN-012VariousPalmer Archipelago
AN-013VariousJoinville Group
AN-014CT3Berkner Island
AN-0153B7Queen Maud Land (Prince Harald) Group
AN-0173B9Adelie Land Group
AN-018IH9Alexander Island

Asian IOTA Groups

IOTA Group CodePrefixIsland Description
AS-001VUAndaman Islands
AS-0034SSri Lanka
AS-0045B, ZCCyprus/UK Sovereign Bases
AS-005UA0BKara Sea Coast West Group
AS-006VS6Hong Kong Group
AS-007JA1 etc.Honshu Island
AS-008JA1Izu Archipelago
AS-0097ORed Sea Coast Group
AS-010A4Kuria Muria Islands
AS-011VULaccadive Islands
AS-012JA6Amakusa Archipelago
AS-014A4Arabian Sea Coast North Group
AS-0159M2Pinang State Group
AS-0167OGulf Of Aden West Group
AS-017JA6Okinawa Archipelago
AS-018UA0FSakhalin Island
AS-021A6Trucial Coast Group
AS-022UA0QMedvezh’i (Bear) Islands
AS-023JA6Amami Archipelago
AS-024JA6Yaeyama Islands
AS-025UA0FKuril’skiye (Kuril) Islands
AS-026HL4Chejudo Province Group
AS-027UA0KVrangelya (Wrangel) Island
AS-028UA0QAnzhu Islands
AS-029UA0QLyakhovskiye Islands
AS-030JDKazan Islands (Volcano Islands)
AS-031JDOgasawara Archipelago
AS-032JA6Osumi Archipelago
AS-033VUNicobar Islands
AS-034VariousJabal At Tair Island
AS-035VariousAbu Ail Island
AS-036JA6Tsushima Islands
AS-037JA6Koshiki Islands
AS-038UA0KEast Siberian Sea Coast Group
AS-039UA0ZKomandorskiye (Commander) Islands
AS-040JA6Goto Islands
AS-041JA4Oki Archipelago
AS-042UA0BSevernaya Zemlya
AS-043JA1Nampo Archipelago
AS-044UA0CShantarskiye Islands
AS-045HL5Ullung Island
AS-0469M2Johor East / Pahang State Group
AS-047JA6Daito Islands
AS-048UA0QDe Long Islands
AS-049JA6Tokara Archipelago
AS-050UA0BSergeya Kirova Islands
AS-0511S, 9M0Spratly Islands
AS-0527JOkino Torishima
AS-053HSMalay Peninsula West Group
AS-054UA0BLaptev Sea Coast West Group
AS-055UA0BVize Island
AS-056JA6Danjo Archipelago
AS-057UA0BUyedineniya Island
AS-0589M2Perlis / Kedah State Group
AS-059UA0ISea Of Okhotsk Coast Group
AS-060HL4Chollabuk / Chollanamdo Province Group
AS-061UA0KRatmanova (Big Diomede) Island
AS-062UA0FHabomai Islands
AS-063UA0BLaptev Sea Coast East Group
AS-064UA0XBering Sea Coast Group
AS-065UA0KChukchi Sea Coast East Group
AS-066UA0LSea Of Japan Coast Group
AS-067JA6Uji Archipelago
AS-068UA0BKara Sea Coast Centre Group
AS-069UA0CIony Island
AS-070UA0QEast Siberian Sea Coast East Group
AS-071UA0KBering Sea Coast North Group
AS-0729M2Perak State Group
AS-0739M2Terengganu / Kelantan State Group
AS-0749M2Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State Group
AS-075XXMacau Group
AS-076JA5Shikoku Island
AS-077JA6Kyushu Group
AS-078JA8Hokkaido Island
AS-079JA6Miyako Islands
AS-080HL3Ch’ungch’ongnamdo Province Group
AS-081HL5Kyongsangbuk / Kyongsangnamdo Group
AS-082UA0QLaptev Sea Coast Centre Group
AS-083UA9KKara Sea Coast East Group
AS-084HL4Ch’uja Islands
AS-085HL4Soan Islands
AS-086UA0BIzvestiy TS.I.K Islands
AS-087UA0BArkticheskogo Instituta Islands
AS-088A7Persian Gulf Group
AS-089UA9KKara Sea Coast West Group
AS-090HL2Tokchok Islands
AS-091UA0XShelikhova Bay Group
AS-092UA0KBering Sea Coast South Group
AS-093HL4Huksan Archipelago
AS-094BY7Hainan Island
AS-095UA0ZBering Sea Coast Group
AS-096VUKarnataka / Goa State Group
AS-0979M2Johor West / Melaka State Group
AS-098TA4, 0Aydin / Mugla Province Group
AS-099TA3, 0Balikesir / Canakkala / Edirne / Izmir Province Group
AS-1004XMediterranean Sea Coast Group
AS-101HSMalay Peninsula North East Group
AS-102BVKinmen (Quemoy) Island
AS-103BVP’eng-Hu (Pescadores) Islands
AS-104UA0BKara Sea Coast East Group
AS-105HL2Kyonggido Province Group
AS-106VUMinicoy Island
AS-107HSGulf Of Thailand North West Group
AS-108ODMediterranean Sea Coast Group
AS-109UA9KObskaya Gulf Group
AS-110BVDongsha Archipelago (Pratas Island)
AS-111HZPersian Gulf Group
AS-112A4Gulf Of Oman Group
AS-113BVMatsu Islands
AS-114UA0CSea Of Okhotsk Coast South Group
AS-115TA4, 0Antalya Province Group
AS-116BY7Huang Yan Island (Scarborough Reef)
AS-117JA1 etcHonshu’s Coastal Islands
AS-1189KPersian Gulf Group
AS-119A4Musandam Peninsula Group
AS-1205B4Cyprus’s Coastal Islands
AS-121UA0BNordenshel’da Archipelago
AS-122HL2Paengnyong Group
AS-123TA5, 0Adana/Hatay / Icel Province Group
AS-124A61Gulf Of Oman Group
AS-125HSGulf Of Thailand North East Group
AS-126HSButang Group
AS-127S2Chittagong Region Group
AS-128XV, 3WMekong Delta West Group
AS-129BY7Guangdong Province East Group
AS-130XV, 3WCon Son Group
AS-131BY7Guangdong Province West Group
AS-132XV, 3WFai Tsi Long Archipelago
AS-133XUGulf of Thailand Group
AS-134BY3Hebei / Tianjin Province Group
AS-135BY4Jiangsu Province Group
AS-136BY4Shanghai Province Group
AS-137BY5Zhoushan Archipelago
AS-138BY5Fujian Province Group
AS-139BY7Guangxi Province Group
AS-140S2Khulna Region Group
AS-141BI5Zhejiang Province Group
AS-142UA0Sea of Okhotsk Group
AS-143BY7Xisha Archipelago (Paracel Is)

European IOTA Groups

IOTA Group CodePrefixIsland Description
EU-001SV5Dodecanese (Dhodhekanisos)
EU-002OH0Aland Islands
EU-004EA6Balearic Islands
EU-005G, GM, GWEngland / Scotland / Wales (Great Britain)
EU-006EJAran Islands
EU-007EJBlasket Islands
EU-008GMInner Hebrides
EU-009GMOrkney Islands
EU-010GMOuter Hebrides
EU-011GIsles Of Scilly
EU-012GMShetland Islands
EU-014TKCorsica (Corse)
EU-015SV9Crete (Kriti)
EU-0169AAdriatic Sea Coast South Group
EU-017ID9Eolie (Lipari) Islands
EU-018OZFaeroe Islands
EU-019R1FFranz Josef Land
EU-020SM1Gotland Island
EU-021TFIceland (Main Island Only)
EU-022JXJan Mayen Island
EU-0239HMaltese Islands
EU-024IM0, IS0Sardinia (Sardegna)
EU-025IT9Sicily (Sicilia)
EU-026JWSvalbard Archipelago
EU-027JWBear Island (Bjornoya)
EU-028IA5Tuscany Region Group
EU-029OZSjaelland Archipelago
EU-030OZBornholm Island
EU-031IC8Campania Region Group
EU-032FPoitou-Charente Region Group
EU-033LAVesteralen Islands
EU-034ESBaltic Sea Coast Group
EU-035UA1ONovaya Zemlya
EU-036LAS Trondelag / More Og Romsdal County Group
EU-037SM7Kalmar District Group
EU-038PANorth Sea Coast North Group
EU-039FChausey Islands
EU-040CTEstremadura Province Group
EU-041IM0Maddalena Archipelago
EU-042DLSchleswig-Holstein State NW Group
EU-043SM6Goteborg Och Bohus / Halland District Group
EU-044LAFinnmark County West Group
EU-045IB0Lazio Region Group
EU-046LATroms County Group
EU-047DLNiedersachsen State Group
EU-048FBretagne (Morbihan) Region Group
EU-049SV8Aegean Islands
EU-050IL7Puglia (Foggia) Region Group
EU-051IE9Ustica Island
EU-052SV8Ionian Islands
EU-053OJ0, SI8Market Reef
EU-054IF9Egadi Islands
EU-055LASogn og Fjordane etc County Group
EU-057DLMecklenburg-Vorpommern State East Group
EU-058FLerins Islands
EU-059GMSt Kilda Group
EU-060SV1Euboea (Evvoia)
EU-061LAVest Agder To Ostfold County Group
EU-062LANordland / North Trondelag County Group
EU-063JWKong Karls Land
EU-064FPays De La Loire Region Group
EU-065FBretagne (Finistere West) Region Group
EU-066UA1OSolovetskiye Islands
EU-067SV8Cyclades (Kikladhes)
EU-068FBretagne (Finistere South) Region Group
EU-069EA5Columbretes Islands
EU-070FHyeres Islands
EU-071TF7Westman Islands
EU-072SV8Northern Sporades
EU-073IJ7Puglia (Taranto) Region Group
EU-074FBretagne (Cotes-d’Armor West) Region Group
EU-075SV8Peloponnisos East Group
EU-076LA7Lofoten Islands
EU-077EA1La Coruna / Lugo Province Group
EU-078EA3Gerona Province Group
EU-080EA1Pontevedra Province Group
EU-081FSt Marcouf Islands
EU-082UA1ZBarents Sea Coast West Group
EU-083IP1Liguria Region Group
EU-084SM5, 0Uppsala To Ostergotland District Group
EU-085UA1PPechorskoye Sea Coast West Group
EU-086UA1PPechorskoye Sea Coast East Group
EU-087SM34Vasternorrland / Gavleborg District Group
EU-088OZKattegat Group
EU-089CU8, 9Flores Island
EU-0909APalagruza Island
EU-091IL7Puglia (Lecce / Brindisi / Bari) Region Group
EU-092GMSummer Islands
EU-093EA5Alicante / Murcia Province Group
EU-094FGlenan Islands
EU-095FProvence-Cote d’Azur Region Group
EU-096OH1Turku-Pori District Group
EU-097OH2Uusimaa District Group
EU-098DLMecklenburg-Vorpommern State West Group
EU-099GJLes Minquiers Plateau
EU-100TKCerbicales Islands
EU-101OH6Vaasa District Group
EU-102UA1PPechorskoye Sea Coast Centre Group
EU-103EJSaltee Islands
EU-104TKSanguinaires Islands
EU-105FBretagne (Finistere North) Region Group
EU-106GWSt Tudwal’s Islands
EU-107FLes Sept Iles
EU-108GMTreshnish Islands
EU-109GFarne Islands
EU-1109ABrioni Islands
EU-111GMMonach Islands
EU-112GMShiant Islands
EU-113SV8Peloponnisos South Group
EU-114GUGuernsey And Dependencies
EU-115EI, GIIreland / Northern Ireland
EU-116GDIsle of Man
EU-117R1MMalyj Vysotskij Island
EU-118GMFlannan Islands
EU-119UA1OWhite Sea Coast East Group
EU-120GEnglish Islands
EU-121EJIrish Islands
EU-122GINorthern Irish Islands
EU-123GMScottish Islands
EU-124GWWelsh Islands
EU-125OZNorth Sea Coast Group
EU-126OH8, OH9Oulu / Lappi District Group
EU-127DLSchleswig-Holstein State SW Group
EU-128DLSchleswig-Holstein State East Group
EU-129DL, SP1Usedom Island
EU-130IV3, IL3Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region Group
EU-131I3, IL3Veneto Region Group
EU-132SP1Baltic Sea Coast West Region
EU-133UA1AGulf Of Finland Group
EU-134EA2Vizcaya/Guipuzcoa Province Group
EU-135SM2Vasterbotten District Group
EU-1369AAdriatic Sea Coast North Group
EU-137SM7Kristianstad / Malmohus District Group
EU-138SM7Blekinge District Group
EU-139SM2Norrbotten District Group
EU-140OH5Kymi District Group
EU-141LAFinnmark County East Group
EU-142EA1Oviedo / Cantabria Province Group
EU-143EA7Cadiz / Huelva Province Group
EU-144ID8Calabria / Basilicata Region Group
EU-145CTAlgarve Province Group
EU-146PANorth Sea Coast South Group
EU-147UA1NWhite Sea Coast Group
EU-148FLanguedoc-Roussillon Region Group
EU-149ESGulf Of Finland Group
EU-150CTBeira / Douro / Minho Province Group
EU-151EA5Castellon / Valencia Province Group
EU-152EA7Almeria / Granada / Malaga Province Group
EU-153UA1OWhite Sea Coast West Group
EU-154EA3Barcelona / Tarragona Province Group
EU-155IL4Emilia Romagna Region Group
EU-156FHaute / Basse-Normandie Region Group
EU-157FBretagne (Cotes-d’Armor East etc) Region Group
EU-158SVPeloponnisos West Group
EU-159FPeloponnisos West Group
EU-160UA1PBarents Sea Coast Group
EU-161UA1ZBarents Sea Coast East Group
EU-162UA1ZWhite Sea Coast Group
EU-163YUAdriatic Sea Coast Group
EU-164TKCorsica’s Coastal Islands
EU-165IM0Sardinia’s Coastal Islands
EU-166IT9Sicily’s Coastal Islands
EU-167CTBaixo Alentejo Province Group
EU-168TFIceland’s Coastal Islands
EU-169ZAAdriatic Sea Coast Group

North American IOTA Groups

IOTA Group CodePrefixIsland Description
NA-001C6Great Bahama Bank Group
NA-002VP5Caicos Islands
NA-003VP5Turks Islands
NA-004KL2nd Jd – Beaufort Sea Coast Group
NA-005VP9Bermuda Islands
NA-006VE8Victoria Island
NA-007VE8Southampton Group
NA-008VE8Ellesmere Island
NA-009VE8Parry Islands
NA-010VE1Cape Breton Island
NA-011FO/XClipperton Island
NA-012TI9Coco’s Island
NA-013YNMaiz (Corn) Islands
NA-014VE1New Brunswick Province South Group
NA-015CO, KG4Cuba / Guantanamo Bay
NA-016ZFCayman Islands
NA-017XE2Baja California State SW Group
NA-019KLKodiak Group
NA-020YV0Aves Island
NA-023VP2VBritish Virgin Islands
NA-025J8The Grenadines
NA-026W2New York State Group
NA-027VO1Nfld Province (Newfoundland Island) Group
NA-028KLPribilof Islands
NA-029VY2Prince Edward Island Province Group
NA-030XE4Revilla Gigedo Islands
NA-031W1Rhode Island State Group
NA-032FPSt Pierre And Miquelon Archipelago
NA-033HK0San Andres Island
NA-034W4Florida State West (27-28.5N) Group
NA-035HR6Santanilla (Swan) Islands
NA-036VE7Vancouver Island
NA-037KLSemichi Islands
NA-038VE2La Madeleine Islands
NA-039KLAndreanof Islands
NA-040KLSt Lawrence Island
NA-041KLAlexander Archipelago
NA-042KLGulf Of Alaska Centre Group
NA-043VE8Sverdrup Islands
NA-044VO2Nfld Province (Labrador) South Group
NA-045XE3Quintana Roo State North Group
NA-046W1Massachusetts State South Group
NA-047VE8Baffin Island
NA-048C6Bimini Islands
NA-049HK0Providencia Island
NA-050KL4th Jd – Beaufort Sea Coast Group
NA-051VE7Queen Charlotte Islands
NA-052W4Florida State West (25-26.2N) Group
NA-053KLTrinity Islands
NA-054C6Berry Islands
NA-055W1Maine State East Group
NA-056COLos Canarreos Archipelago
NA-057HR6Bahia Islands
NA-058W4Georgia State Group
NA-059KLFox Islands
NA-060HR4Valle / Choluteca Dept Group
NA-061VE7British Columbia Province North Group
NA-062W4Florida Keys
NA-063CY0Sable Island
NA-064KLNear Islands
NA-065W7Washington State North Group
NA-066W6California State South (32.5-33.5N) Group
NA-067W4North Carolina State East Group
NA-068VE1New Brunswick Province North Group
NA-069W4Florida State West (26.2-27N) Group
NA-070KLRat Islands
NA-071HP3, HP6Chiriqui / Veraguas South Province Group
NA-072HP1, HP7Panama / Darien Province Group
NA-073V3Caribbean Sea Coast North Group
NA-074KLNunivak Island
NA-075VE7Gulf Islands
NA-076W4Florida State West (28.5-30N) Group
NA-077VE2Anticosti Island
NA-078XE2Baja California Sur State SW Group
NA-079W4Dry Tortugas
NA-080C6Little Bahama Bank Group
NA-081VE1Nova Scotia Province East Group
NA-082W5Mississippi State Group
NA-083W4Virginia State Group
NA-084VE2Qbc Province (St. Lawrence Gulf) East Group
NA-085W4Florida State West (84-86W) Group
NA-086COCamaguey Archipelago
NA-087KLShumagin Islands
NA-088HP4Bocas Del Toro Province Group
NA-089W5Chandeleur Islands
NA-090XE3Cozumel Island
NA-091VE7British Columbia Province South Group
NA-092W5Texas State West Group
NA-093COLos Colorados Archipelago
NA-094CY9St Paul Island
NA-095KP5Desecheo Island
NA-096HH, HIHaiti / Dominican Republic (Hispaniola)
NA-098KP1Navassa Island
NA-099KP3, KP4Puerto Rico
NA-100V2Antigua And Barbuda
NA-104V4St Christopher-Nevis
NA-105FS, PJ7, 8St Martin (Sint Maarten)
NA-106KP2Virgin Islands
NA-108J6St Lucia
NA-109J8St Vincent
NA-110W4South Carolina State Group
NA-111W2New Jersey State Group
NA-112W4North Carolina State West Group
NA-113C6South Bahamas Group
NA-114FGLes Saintes Islands
NA-115XE4Clarion Island
NA-116TI8Puntarenas Province West Group
NA-117TI8Puntarenas Province East Group
NA-118VE7Dundas Islands
NA-119W5Louisiana State Centre Group
NA-120W5Louisiana State West Group
NA-121KLBristol Bay Group
NA-122HIDominican Rep’s Coastal Islands
NA-123V3Turneffe Islands
NA-124XE2Baja California Sur State SE Group
NA-125VE2Qbc Province (St Lawrence Gulf) West Group
NA-126VE1Nova Scotia Province South Group
NA-127VE1Nova Scotia Province West Group
NA-128VE2Qbc Province (St Lawrence Waterway) Group
NA-129VE8Banks Island
NA-130VE8NWT (Hudson Strait) East Group
NA-131VE8NWT (Kitikmeot Region) East Group
NA-132HK0Bajo Nuevo and Serranilla Bank Cays
NA-133HK0Serrana Bank and Roncador Cays
NA-134OXWest Coast Group
NA-135XE3Campeche State Group
NA-136W1Connecticut State Group
NA-137W1Maine State West Group
NA-138W4Florida State East (28.5-30.7N) Group
NA-139W3Maryland State East/Delaware Group
NA-140W3Maryland State West Group
NA-141W4Florida State East (25.5-28.5N) Group
NA-142W4Florida State West (86-87.5W)/Alabama Group
NA-143W5Texas State East Group
NA-144W6California State South (33.5-35N) Group
NA-145PJ5, PJ6, PJ8Netherlands Antilles
NA-146FJSt Barthelemy
NA-147J3The Grenadines
NA-148W1Massachusetts State North / New Hampshire Group
NA-149HHHaiti’s Coastal Islands
NA-150KLLittle Diomede Island
NA-151OXEast Coast Group
NA-152KLChukchi Sea Coast South Group
NA-153XE3Yucatan State Group
NA-154VE1Nova Scotia Province North Group
NA-155TI6Limon Province Group
NA-156VE8NWT (Hudson Strait) West Group
NA-157KLGulf Of Alaska East Group
NA-158KLCook Inlet Group
NA-159VE8King George Islands
NA-160HR3Cortes / Atlantida Dept Group
NA-161KLGulf Of Alaska Group
NA-162XE2Baja California State NW Group
NA-163XE2Baja California State East Group
NA-164XE2Baja California Sur State NW Group
NA-165XE2Baja California Sur State NE Group
NA-166XE2Sonora State South Group
NA-167XE2Sonora State North Group
NA-168W5Louisiana State East Group
NA-169W7Washington State West Group
NA-170HP7San Blas Province Group
NA-171XE2Sinaloa State Group
NA-172KLArctic Ocean Coast Group
NA-173VE8NWT (Hudson Bay-Quebec) South Group
NA-174VE8NWT (Foxe Basin) Group
NA-175VE8NWT (Kitikmeot Region) Centre Group
NA-176VE2Qbc Province (St Lawrence Gulf) Centre Group
NA-177VE2Qbc Province (Gaspe Peninsula) Group
NA-178W6Farallon Islands
NA-179XE2Guadalupe Island
NA-180V3Caribbean Sea Coast South Group
NA-181VE7Estevan Group
NA-182VE8NWT (Inuvik Region) East Group
NA-183XE3Guerrero State Group
NA-184W6California State North Group
NA-185VE8NWT (Keewatin Region) Group
NA-186VE8NWT (Hudson Bay-Manitoba) Group
NA-187W6California State Centre Group
NA-188XE3Oaxaca State Group
NA-189XE1Jalisco / Nayarit State Group
NA-190YSPacific Ocean Coast Group
NA-191TI7Guanacaste Province Group
NA-192VE8NWT (Inuvik Region) West Group
NA-193VY1Yukon Territory Group
NA-194VO2Nfld Province (Labrador) North Group
NA-195VE8NWT (Hudson Bay-Quebec) North Group
NA-196VE8Belcher Islands
NA-197KLGulf Of Alaska West Group
NA-198VOL1Newfoundland’s Coastal Islands
NA-199FSSt Martin’s Coastal Islands
NA-200XE3Quintana Roo State South Group
NA-201COJardines De La Reina Archipelago
NA-202HP2, HP6Colon / Veraguas North Province Group
NA-203HP5, HP8Los Santos / Herrera / Cocle Province Group
NA-204COSabana Archipelago
NA-205VO2Nfld Province (Labrador) Centre Group
NA-206KLBarren Islands
NA-207VE8NWT (Hudson Bay-Ontario) South Group
NA-208VE8NWT (Gulf Of Boothia) Group
NA-209YNCaribbean Sea Coast South Group
NA-210KLNorton Sound Coast North Group
NA-211W7Oregon State Group
NA-212YNPacific Ocean Coast Group

Oceania IOTA Groups

IOTA Group CodePrefixIsland Description
OC-001VKAustralia (Main Island Only)
OC-002VK9Christmas Island
OC-003VK9Cocos (Keeling) Islands
OC-004VK9Lord Howe Island
OC-005VK9Norfolk Island
OC-007VK9Willis Islands
OC-008P2Bismarck Archipelago
OC-009T8Palau Islands
OC-010V63Pohnpei Islands
OC-011V63Truk Islands
OC-012V63Yap Islands
OC-013ZK1Rarotonga Island
OC-014ZK1Manihiki Atoll
OC-0163D2Vanua Levu And Viti Levu Group
OC-017T30Gilbert Islands
OC-018T33Banaba (Ocean) Island
OC-019KH6, KH7Hawaiian Islands (Main Group)
OC-020KH7KKure Atoll
OC-021YB0-3Java (Jawa) Island
OC-022YB9Bali Island
OC-023KH3Johnston Atoll
OC-024T32Kiritimati (Christmas) Island
OC-025P2Admiralty Islands
OC-026KH2Guam Island
OC-027FOMarquesas Islands
OC-028V73Ralik Chain
OC-029V73Ralik Chain
OC-030KH4Midway Islands
OC-032FKNew Caledonia Island
OC-033FKLoyalty Islands
OC-034YB9, P2New Guinea (Main Island Only)
OC-035YJNew Hebrides
OC-036ZL1, ZL2North Island (Main Island Only)
OC-037ZL9Campbell Island
OC-038ZL8Chatham Islands
OC-039ZL8Kermadec Islands
OC-040ZK2Niue Island
OC-041P2Ninigo Group
OC-042DU1-4Luzon Group
OC-043T31Phoenix Islands
OC-044VR6Pitcairn Islands
OC-045KH8Tutuila Island
OC-046FOWindward Group
OC-047H4Solomon Islands
OC-048ZK3Tokelau Islands
OC-049A3Tongatapu Group
OC-050FORurutu And Rimatara Islands
OC-051FORapa And Marotiri Islands
OC-052FODuke Of Gloucester Islands
OC-053FOWake Island
OC-054FWWallis Islands
OC-055KH6, KH7French Frigate Shoals
OC-056VR6Henderson Island
OC-057FOMaupihaa (Mopelia) Group
OC-058FKD’Entrecasteaux Reefs
OC-059V63Kosrae (Kusaie) Island
OC-0603D2Rotuma Island
OC-061VariousMinerva Reefs
OC-062FOPukapuka Atoll
OC-063FOGambier Islands
OC-064A3Vava’u Group
OC-065H4Reef (Swallow) Islands
OC-066FOTuamotu Archipelago
OC-067FOLeeward Group
OC-068ZL4Snares Islands
OC-069P2Lihir Group
OC-070YB8Ceram Group
OC-071VK6W Aus State (N Coast) West Group
OC-072VK9Mellish Reef
OC-073JDMinami Torishima (Marcus Island)
OC-074ZL9Auckland Islands
OC-075YB5Riau Islands
OC-076YB8Sula Islands
OC-077KH8Manua Islands
OC-078V63Ulithi Atoll
OC-079FKBelep Islands
OC-080ZK1Suwarrow Atoll (Suvorov)
OC-081KH5Jarvis Island
OC-082ZK1Penrhyn Atoll (Tongareva)
OC-083ZK1Aitutaki Group
OC-084T32Tabuaeran And Teraina Islands
OC-085KH5Palmyra Atoll
OC-086KH0Northern Mariana Islands
OC-087V73Enewetak (Eniwetok) Atoll
OC-088YB7, 9M, V8Borneo (Main Island Only)
OC-089KH1Baker And Howland Islands
OC-090DU1Calamian Group
OC-091DU1Polillo Islands
OC-092DU2Babuyan Islands
OC-093DU2Batan Islands
OC-094FODisappointment Islands
OC-0953D2Lau Group
OC-096KH5KKingman Reef
OC-0975WWestern Samoa
OC-098ZK1Pukapuka Atoll (Danger Islands)
OC-099P2Tabar Islands
OC-100H4Santa Cruz Islands
OC-101P2Feni Islands
OC-102P2Tanga Islands
OC-103P2St Matthias Group (Mussau Islands)
OC-104YJBanks Islands
OC-105DU8Cagayan Sulu Group
OC-106YB5Natuna Besar Islands
OC-107YB5Lingga Islands
OC-108YB5Anambas Islands
OC-109YB5Natuna Selatan Islands
OC-110YJTorres Islands
OC-111YJShepherd Islands
OC-1123D2Conway Reef (Ceva-I-Ra)
OC-113FOActaeon Group
OC-114FORaivavae Island
OC-115P2Trobriand Island
OC-116P2D’Entrecasteaux Islands
OC-117P2Louisiade Archipelago
OC-118FWHorne Islands
OC-119DU8Jolo Group
OC-120DU1Cuyo Islands
OC-1213D2Mamanuca (Mamanutha) Group
OC-122YB5Tambelan Islands
OC-123A3Niuafo’ou Island
OC-124ZK1Palmerston Atoll
OC-125DU6Semirara Islands
OC-126DU1Lubang Islands
OC-127H4Rennell Island
OC-128DU1Palawan Group
OC-129DU5-7Visayan Islands
OC-130DU8, DU9Mindanao Group
OC-131FOKing George Islands
OC-132V63East Yap Group
OC-1339M6Sabah’s Coastal Islands
OC-134ZL3, ZL4South Island (Main Island Only)
OC-135P2North Solomon Islands
OC-136VK3Victoria State Centre Group
OC-137VK4Qld State (South Coast) South Group
OC-138VK4Qld State (Torres Strait) Group
OC-139VK5South Australia State East Centre Group
OC-140VK6South Australia State East Centre Group
OC-141VK8Northern Territory (Carpentaria Gulf) North Group
OC-142VK4Qld State (South Coast) Centre Group
OC-143YB4-6Sumatra (Sumatera) Island
OC-144YB4Bangka And Belitung Islands
OC-145YB8Halmahera Group
OC-146YB8Sulawesi Islands (Celebes)
OC-147YB9Irian Jaya’s Coastal Islands
OC-148YB9Timor Island
OC-149H4New Georgia Group
OC-150YB9Tenggara Barat Islands
OC-151YB9Tenggara Timur Islands
OC-152FOTubuai Island
OC-153P2PNG’s Coastal Islands
OC-154VK6Western Australian State (North Coast) East Group
OC-155V63West Truk Group
OC-1563D2Yasawa Group
OC-157YB8Banda Islands
OC-158H4Florida Islands
OC-159ZK1Mangaia Island
OC-160VK4Qld State (South Coast) North Group
OC-161YB6Nias And Simeulue Islands
OC-162H4Shortland Islands
OC-163H4Vanikolo (Vanikoro) Islands
OC-164VK6Western Australian State (South West Coast) South Group
OC-1659M8Sarawak’s Coastal Islands
OC–166YB7Kalimantan’s Coastal Islands
OC–167V63Kapingamarangi Atoll
OC–168H4Russell Islands
OC–169A3Ha’apai Group
OC–170VK6Western Australia State (South Coast) Centre Group
OC–171VK4Qld State (North Coast) South Group
OC–172VK4Qld State (North Coast) Centre Group
OC-173VK8Northern Teritory (Arafura Sea Coast) West Group
OC-174DU8Tawi Tawi Group
OC-175DU9Sarangani Islands
OC-176FKBellona Plateau Group
OC-177YB1Seribu Islands
OC-178H4Tikopia Group
OC-179H4Duff Islands
OC-180V63Ngulu Atoll
OC-181P2Witu Islands
OC-182VR6Ducie Island
OC-183VK6Western Australia State (South West Coast) Centre Group
OC-184V85Brunei’s Coastal Islands
OC-185VK8Northern Teritory (Arafura Sea Coast) East Group
OC-186YB2Karimunjawa Islands
OC-187VK4Qld State (North Coast) North Group
OC-188DU8Pangutaran Group
OC-1893D2Ringgold Isles
OC-190KH8Rose Atoll
OC-191A3Niuatoputapu Island
OC-192H4Ontong Java Atoll
OC-193VK6Western Australia State (South Coast) West Group
OC-194VK2New South Wales State North Group
OC-195VK7Furneaux Group
OC-196VK3Victoria State East Group
OC-197YB3Bawean Island
OC-198VK8Northern Teritory (Carpentaria Gulf) South Group
OC-199VK6Western Australia State (North West Coast) Centre Group
OC-200KH8Swains Island
OC-201ZL1, ZL2North Island’s Coastal Islands
OC-202DU4Calagua Islands
OC-203ZL3, ZL4South Island’s Coastal Islands
OC-204YB4Enggano Island
OC-205P2Woodlark Group
OC-206VK6Western Australia State (South West Coast) North Group
OC-207DU1Cagayan Islands
OC-208YB8Banggai Islands
OC-209YB8Talaud Islands
OC-210YB8Sangihe Islands
OC-211VK6Houtman Abrolhos
OC-212VK2New South Wales State Centre Group
OC-213YB8Togian Islands
OC-214VK6Western Australia State (North West Coast) East Group
OC-215YB5Mentawai Islands
OC-216VK9Northern Territory Outliers
OC-217YB3Kangean Islands
OC-218FKMatthew Island
OC-219YB8Tukangbesi Islands
OC-220VK5South Australia State West Group
OC-221YB8Kai Islands
OC-222YB8Obi Islands
OC-223VK2New South Wales State South Group
OC-224YB8Tanimbar Islands
OC-225DUTurtle Islands
OC-226V63Pingelap and Mwokil
OC-227VK4Queensland State (Carpentaria Gulf) South Group
OC-228VK5South Australia State East Group
OC-229VK8Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) Centre Group
OC-230VK9Western Australia Outliers, Rowley Shoals

South American IOTA Groups

IOTA Group CodePrefixIsland Description
SA-001CE0Easter Island
SA-002VP8Falkland Islands
SA-003PY0FFernando De Noronha Archipelago
SA-004HC8Galapagos Islands
SA-005CE0Galapagos Islands
SA-006PJ1, PJ2, PJ4, PJ9Netherlands Antilles
SA-007HK0Malpelo Island
SA-008LU/X, CE8Tierra Del Fuego
SA-0099YTobago Island
SA-010PY0TTrindade Island
SA-0119YTrinidad Island
SA-012YV7Nueva Esparta State Group
SA-013CE0San Felix And San Ambrosio Islands
SA-014PY0SSt. Peter And St. Paul Rocks
SA-015YV5Los Monjes Archipelago
SA-016PR8Maranhao State Centre Group
SA-017HK5, HK0Valle / Cauca Division Group
SA-018CE7Llanquihue / Chiloe Province Group
SA-019PY6Abrolhos Archipelago
SA-020FYAtlantic Coast Group
SA-021LU/D, LU/EBuenos Aires Province West Group
SA-022LU/D, LU/EBuenos Aires Province South Group
SA-023PY6Bahia State North Group
SA-024PY2Sao Paulo State West Group
SA-025PS8Piaui State Group
SA-026PP5Santa Catarina State South Group
SA-027PP5Santa Catarina State North Group
SA-028PY2Sao Paulo State East Group
SA-029PY1Rio De Janeiro State West Group
SA-030CXCanelones / Montevideo / S Jose Group
SA-031CE8Wollaston Islands
SA-032CE8Ultima Esperanza Province North Group
SA-033HC4Manabi Province Group
SA-034HC2, HC3Guayas / El Oro Province Group
SA-035YV5Los Roques Islands
SA-037YV5La Blanquilla Island
SA-038PY0RAtol Das Rocas
SA-039CXRocha / Maldonado Department Group
SA-040HK1Atlantico / Bolivar Division Group
SA-041PR8Maranhao State West Group
SA-042PY8Para State West Group
SA-043CE7Guaitecas Islands
SA-044YV5La Tortuga Island
SA-045PQ8Amapa State Group
SA-046PY7Pernambuco State Group
SA-047PY5Parana State Group
SA-048YV5-7Anzoategui / Sucre State Group
SA-049LU/XLos Estados (Staten) Island
SA-050CE8, CE9Magallanes / Antartica Chilena Group
SA-051YV5Las Aves Islands
SA-052OA4Lima Department Group
SA-053CE7Captain Prat Province Group
SA-054YV5La Orchila Island
SA-055LU/A-EBuenos Aires Province North Group
SA-056HC4Esmeraldas Province Group
SA-057CXColonia Department Group
SA-058YV4, YV5Carabobo To Miranda State Group
SA-059YV5Los Testigos Islands
SA-060PY8Para State East Group
SA-061CE6Cautin / Valdivia / Osorno Province Group
SA-062PY6Bahia State South Group
SA-063YV8Monagas / Delta Amacuro State Group
SA-064CE7Aisen Province Group
SA-065LU/WChubut Province South Group
SA-066YV1Zulia / Falcon State Group
SA-067PP1Espirito Santo State Group
SA-0688RAtlantic Coast Group
SA-069CE1Antofagasta Province Group
SA-070CD5Concepcion / Arauco Province Group
SA-071PY2Sao Paulo State Centre Group
SA-072PR8Maranhao State East Group
SA-073OA5Ica Department Group
SA-074OA3Ancash Department Group
SA-075OA2La Libertad Department Group
SA-076OA1Tumbes / Piura/Lambayeque Dept Group
SA-077PY1Rio De Janeiro State East Group
SA-078HK1Sucre / Cordoba Division Group
SA-079PY1Rio De Janeiro State Centre Group
SA-080PY6Bahia State Centre Group
SA-081HK8Narino Division Group
SA-082HK2Guajira-Magdalena Division Group
SA-083CE0Salas Y Gomez Island
SA-084HK4Choco South Division Group
SA-085CE1Atacama Province Group
SA-086CE2Coquimbo / Aconcagua Group

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