The First of many – I hope!


Today has been a good day, in fact yesterday was as well, but today is the first day that I can truly say I feel kind of OK, I’m not perfect, the ‘woolly’ feeling is always there, but I am about 90% normal, if I could ever be termed as normal in the first place.

In fact, we had planned a day out shopping, and sure enough midday came along (had to wait till there was a large enough gap in the tablet taking) and we got in the car and made a trip out, gloved up and masked, good enough to hopefully keep anyone else’s germs out of me for a while at least.

With Sue driving my car as hers is still in the garage, and I basically won’t be able to drive till next year at the earliest once all this Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy has been done and I’m on the other slope back to recovery. We made our way to B&Q for yet more stuff for the garden, and then after a slight detour home and back to town again to hunt down some wood for the office, only to find that the bloody wood yard shuts early on a Friday, bloody helpful – Not!

So nothing left but a run to Tesco’s and then home.

Besides the boredom, which is becoming more and more of an issue for me anyway, I am now trying to find something to do. The brain keeps making me think of the office, or the lack of it, I was promised some wood a while back but constantly let down, Brexit has not helped, and without the wood for the workbenches I am stuck in limbo.

There is lots to do, such as:

  • Workbench for Electronics
  • Workbench along length of room for standing at
  • Workbench for Computers
  • Shelves (As many as I can make)
  • Window ledges
  • Finish fitting lights under main beam
  • Connect Isolated ring main and finish fitting PLC conditioners and filters
  • Fit remaining Cabinets
  • Build more shelving for hallway
What will end up being the Computer Desk end of the office.
What will end up being the Computer Desk end of the office.

So loads to do, but at the moment, its crammed with boxes, and cannot swing a cat, let alone play with anything.

The problem is I keep looking at eBay and Ham Radio gear and constantly see the odd radio that I would not mind getting, I miss listening to the radio and yes, I know that the HF bands are useless at the moment, but even having the background noise of CW dit and dah’ing away is missed more than I thought it would be. It’s been at least 6 years now that I have not had any radio gear to play on, maybe it’s about time I tried to sort that out.

As I said, this has been the first real day that I feel like doing anything, and this has been outstanding for way too long now.

Anyway, back to the medical side of things.

I got a call from the hospital again to pop in a see the Diabetic team, they seem to be worried about something called Ketones, so I arrive for yet another machine to be thrust at me, meaning yet another trip to the chemist for more strips. This is getting to be a habit at the moment, every day for at least the last 8 week days I have had yet a change of meds or another prescription to hand over for yet more things to take, stab myself with and fill up the table at home, and I need a bigger table, it really is getting to be a complete mess at the moment, not only that the girls at the chemist all know me by name, basically picked up something from them every day now, still got a lot on order, and I suppose I will have a lot of protein stuff to collect soon once the Dietitian has put her orders in.

So busy day over and I managed to sit in front of the laptop for most of the evening sorting out loads of stuff whilst waiting on websites to sync and cloud drives to download and fill hard drives, very boring but needed.

Hopefully tomorrow is another good day, no trips out though, not risking it at the moment.

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