TONO THETA 5000E Sender Decoder Rear Panel

TONO THETA 5000E Sender-Decoder - Rear Panel

TONO THETA 5000E Sender-Decoder - Rear Panel

This section will introduce you into the rear apron connections on the unit.

TONO THETA 5000E Sender-Decoder - Rear Panel


Connected to keyboard.


This is an input accepting TTL levels for connection of an external terminal unit or key driving the input of the Theta-5000E.  Its use is selected from the front panel.


This is an audio input from a Transceiver, Tape Recorder, etc.

4 PHONE Jack

To defeat internal speaker and use external speaker or headphones.

5 AFSK GAIN Control

Adjusts the output level of the AFSK jack.

6 AFSK Jack

This is an audio output from the AFSK generator and may be used to feed a Transceiver, or Tape Recorder.

7 PTT Jack

This jack controls the PTT (Push-to-talk) line of the transceiver if desired. It switches on when the unit is in the transmit mode.

8 CW KEY Jack

CW keying jack

9 FSK KEY Jack

RTTY keying jack

10 REMOTE Jack

This is a keying output for use with accessory equipment.

11 VIDEO Jack

Provides a composite video signal for an external CRT (75 ohms) .

12 CONT. control

Controls contrast of the display on the built-in CRT.

13 BRIGHT control

Controls brightness of the display on the built-in CRT.

14 POWER supply

for a 13.8V DC (13.5 16V DC) power source. (The AC cord should be disconnected when the DC source is connected to the unit.

15 Internal Speaker

built-in speaker to monitor audio signals.

16 PRINTER cable outlet

Slot provided in cabinet for exit of a flat ribbon cable. Printer connector port is inside the cabinet.


replace with the correct size fuse only:

100V/120V AC 1A fuse holder on rear panel
220V/240V AC 0. 5A
13.8V DC 3A

fuse holder on power source board.

18 AC Cord Socket

accepts AC cord for power supply. When the AC cord is plugged in, the unit will not accept power.

19 V-SEL

AC voltage selector.

Last Updated : 26th July 2023

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