KW Vanguard Restoration Project – Part 1

KW Vanguard Restoration Project

KW Vanguard needs some thinking about first!

I decided that I would read through some very well written notes that I was sent by David Wells (M0CEM).

I have been trying not to do this up to this stage because I wanted to get the drawings finished but I kept getting moaned at for not reading the notes and information that I had been sent, but in my defence, most of the information that I was sent was to do with the first version of the KW Vanguard (Mk1) and I had learnt early on that I was looking at the Mk2 version on my bench which I did not have any original drawings for, nor did I have any VERY high resolution images off, and my thoughts were that if I could get the drawings right, I could follow the notes better, but I have found that this has to be done the other way round!

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