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KW-2000E Downloads for the KW-2000E Transceiver

After recently acquiring a KW-2000E without the Power Supply I was either looking at building a new Power Supply or finding out if it is possible to make an adapter to go between a KW-2000, A, B Power supply and a KW-2000E Radio.

Graham (G4EUK) Kindly came to the rescue with this very useful chart.

Please if you have not already, check out the KW Electronics Page, they are a great community and always there to offer help and advice.

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KW-2000 Series Power Supply Comparison by Graham (G4EUK)


  • The KW-2000E uses a 20-way (19 fitted) connector whereas the KW2000B has a 16-way (15 fitted).
  • The additional pins supply a digital readout with 9.5V ac – probably a ‘future accessory’ at the time and maybe also to be used on the KW-2000D.
  • There’s an additional pin used in the earth return (about time!).
  • KW-2000E has 20-pin Painton plug/socket, Pin 20 is Blanked Off.
  • KW-2000, A, B have 16-way Painton plug/socket, pin 16 is Blanked Off.
  • Pin 12 on KW-2000 utilised as VFO Heater supply pin.
  • KW-2000E pins 8 – 10 have 9V ac supply for digital readout.
  • In KW-2000, the loudspeaker is on separate 4-pin plug, pins 2 and 3.
  • DC 12V relay supplies are negative on KW-2000 and KW-2000A, positive on the B and E models.
KW 2000E - Brochure
KW 2000E - Brochure
KW 2000E - Instruction Manual

KW-2000E - Instruction Manual (Cleaned)

KW 2000E - Schematic Diagram (D1033-2)

KW-2000E - Power Supply Schematic (By MD0MDI)

KW 2000E - PSU Schematic Diagram

KW-2000E - Discussing the KW 2000E Transceiver in Shortwave Magazine (1973-11)

KW-2000E - Signal Meter Modification Instructions


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