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1969 – 1972
KW Atlanta - Photo 001

Frequency Coverage

80m  40m  20m  15m  10m (Transmit) 10-80 m (Receive)



Advert in Amateur Radio (Australia) Magazine (1970-11)
Advert in Amateur Radio (Australia) Magazine (1970-11)
KW Atlanta - Instruction Manual

KW Atlanta - Schematic Diagram (Original Scans)

KW Atlanta - Schematic Diagram (Cleaned Version)

KW Atlanta - Power Supply Schematic Diagram B1014-2 (Clean Version)

KW Atlanta - Restoration Notes by G3ZIL

KW Atlanta - Looking at the KW Atlanta Transceiver Article in Shortwave Magazine (1973-04)

KW Atlanta - PSU Wiring by Julian (G8HCZ)

KW Atlanta - VFO 4A Specifications

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