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Things seem to be slowly improving, and it does seem a little slow, I get the PEG site cleaned twice a day, and have to take Antibiotics to try and heal this would and the abscess that I can only prime was inside and causing the pain that I have felt in the past.

Although the pain has somewhat reduced, the fatigue is still there, I am out of breath if I am on my feet for say more than a walk of about 60 ft, although my legs have now got a little strength back in them, and they don’t hurt any more, I feel bloody knackered if I try to exert myself in any way.

I basically am still bed bound or more chair bound stuck in front of the laptop trying to find things for me to do at the moment.

The PEG is just uncomfortable, thankfully it does not hurt, but any movement really feels strange still, as though something on the inside moves just after I do, kind of like a very uncomfortable echo.

Sitting up or laying down is a slow and little painful but at least doable.

The PEG site looks a little better and I have to pu an Ensure Protein Supplement into the tube each night along with a few meds I would rather not taste going down.

For those into looking at horrible photo’s here is the present view of my stomach, at least you don’t have to look fat my face…

My PEG Site
My PEG Site

I do generally feel better, I just wish that I was fit enough to do something in the office, especially as I cannot do anything electronics or radio related until this room is finished, last week I tried to just cut a single piece of wood and that knackered me out for the day.

So Things are looking better, and then I you have to worry about the delay that this has caused to the rest of the cancer treatment.

I am not looking forward to the next part at all, but surely the quicker it starts the faster this cancer is killed off, but I have now received a letter that states I will see the specialist here on the island on the 28th Feb which looks like I am not going to get Radiotherapy until after then, not that I have yet worked out how I can afford this part.

I heard from another local Ham today, Bob MD0CCE, it was really great to hear from him, but sadly he is having a tough time at the moment which annoys me that I cannot do more for him.

Hopefully he will understand and like buses, these things seems to always come at the same time.

During the summer I bought a new micrHam device, don’t yet have a suitable radio to use with it, and I suppose I should have got the radio first and the interface second, but I always wanted a slightly newer device than the one that O got from Bob ages ago which is still very useable, but this one (microHam MicroKeyer III) has a lot more features and will hopefully be a good asset for contesting one day soon.

So things are getting better.

Oh nearly forgot the other landmark in this horrible events that I am trying to get through, I can have a shower at last, it has been about a month now that I was refused to go near water unless it was a bed bath type of event, today I managed to get knelt in water and actually showered down, it was actually great, a tad painful from the fact of kneeling down was a little on the painful side, bending legs into a long forgotten position, but water and soap was so good for a change.

I am getting fitter although it’s a very slow process.

I have lots to do and wish I was fit enough to do them.

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