RG to MIL-C Cable Conversion


RG to MIL-C Cable Conversion

RG Coaxial Cables such as the RG-213 that we all use stand as a classification  which has the prefix of ‘RG‘ which stands for ‘Radio Guide‘.

America has it’s own classification for Coaxial Cables which is ‘MIL-C-17‘. ‘MIL‘ is an abbreviation of ‘Military‘ and set-up by the ‘American Military Standards‘.

RG NumberMIL-C Number
RG 6MI7/2
RG 6AMI7/2
RG 11MI7/6
RG 11AMI7/6
RG 12MI7/6
RG 12AMI7/6
RG 22M17/15
RG 22AM17/15
RG 22BM17/15
RG 23M17/16
RG 23AM17/16
RG 24M17/16
RG 24AM17/16
RG 25M17/19
RG 25AM17/19
RG 26M17/21
RG 26AM17/21
RG 27M17/22
RG 27AM17/22
RG 28M17/23
RG 28AM17/23
RG 23BM17/23
RG 34M17/24
RG 34AM17/24
RG 34BM17/24
RG 35M17/84
RG 58M17/28
RG 58AM17/28
RG 58BM17/28
RG 58CM17/28
RG 59M17/29
RG 59AM17/29
RG 59BM17/29
RG 62M17/30
RG 62AM17/30
RG 62BM17/30
RG 62CM17/30
RG 63M17/31
RG 63AM17/31
RG 63BM17/31
RG 64M17/33
RG 64AM17/33
RG 65M17/34
RG 65AM17/34
RG 70M17/31
RG 70AM17/31
RG 70BM17/31
RG 71M17/90
RG 71AM17/90
RG 71BM17/90
RG 108M17/45
RG 108AM17/45
RG 111M17/15
RG 114M17/47
RG 114AM17/47
RG 115M17/92
RG 119M17/52
RG 120M17/52
RG 122M17/54
RG 130M17/58
RG 131M17/58
RG 133M17/100
RG 133AM17/100
RG 142M17/60
RG 142M17/80
RG 142AM17/60
RG 142AM17/B0
RG 142BM17/60
RG 142BM17/80
RG 144M17/60
RG 174M17/119
RG 177M17/87
RG 178M17/93
RG 178AM17/93
RG 178BM17/93
RG 179M17/94
RG 179AM17/94
RG 179BM17/94
RG 179M17/94
RG 179AM17/94
RG 179BM17/94
RG 180M17/95
RG 184RG 35
RG 184M17/84
RG 185M17/85
RG 186M17/85
RG 209M17/96
RG 210M17/97
RG 211M17/72
RG 211AM17/72
RG 212M17/73
RG 213M17/74
RG 214M17/75
RG 215M17/74
RG 216M17/77
RG 217M17/78
RG 218M17/79
RG 219M17/79
RG 223M17/84
RG 301M17/109
RG 302M17/110
RG 303M17/111
RG 304M17/112
RG 307M17/116
RG 307AM17/116
RG 316M17/113
RG 328M17/124
RG 329M17/125
RG 365M17/75
RG 385M17/76
RG 391M17/126
TG 392M17/126
RG 393M17/127
RG 400M17/128
RG 401M17/129
RG 402M17/130
RG 403M17/131
RG 404M17/132
RG 405M17/133

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