GB4MNH – Museums on the Air 2007

2007-06-17 - GD4MNH - Antenna Mast 001

GB4MNH – Museums on the Air 2007

Museums on the Air Special Event Station, run by the IOMARS (Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society) and organized by Harry Blackburn (MD0HEB) was one of the first events that I did with the club as it once was, these used to be a very good turn out of volunteers before things went down hill, but even back here there used to be good things happening and people would always help out where they could.

The Old Grammar School dates back to around 1200AD as the first church for the settlement that grew up around Castle Rushen.

Much later becoming a school for boys as it is now depicted. It is the oldest roofed structure still standing on the Isle of Man today, which is surprising with the weather that we see..

Below is a link to a document provided by the Manx National Heritage with a little information in it about the Old Grammar School, could not locate anything more informative…

The Old Grammar School Access Guide

The Old Grammar School Access Guide

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GB4MNH was the call sign used to support the ‘Manx National Heritage’  sites in the Isle of Man during the Museums on the Air event held each year.

All of the photo’s was very kindly given to me by Dawn Quinney (2D0EDQ) on behalf of the late and great Paul McGraff (MD0BCJ) who became a Silent Key in June 2023, he was a great CW operator and a friend to many, world wide.

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