UK Aviation Band Frequencies

Scanner Frequencies

Please Note – I am not sure of the accuracy of these, if you find any that need changing please let me know and I will sort them out.


AFIS – Aircraft Flight Information Service

ATC – Air Traffic Control

ATIS – Automatic Terminal Information Service

FIR – Flight Information Region

VOLMET – Meteorological Information for Aircraft in Flight


118 MHz

118.000 MHzNationwide Channel – Air-Air Display Coordination / Crunchie Flight Team / Marlboro Aerobatic Display / Civilian Air-Air / Yeovil Westland Helicopter Tests / RAF Mildenhall 100th Refuelling Wing
118.025 MHzLeeds Bradford International ATIS
118.050 MHzBirmingham International BHX Radar and Approach / North Sea Frigg Oilfield Deck
118.075 MHzLondon City Airport Tower / Barra Scotland AFIS
118.100 MHzAberdeen Dyce Airport Tower / FarnboroughAir Show Tower
118.150 MHzPenzance Heliport Tower / Plymouth Tower / Prestwick Airport Tower / RAF Wittering Tower
118.200 MHzIsle of Man Ronaldsway Radar / Rafconnisby Departures / RAF Lossiemouth Tower / Southampton Airport Tower
118.250 MHzSumburgh Airport Tower / Brittas Bay, Eire Air and Ground
118.275 MHzMiddle Wallop (Army) Tower and Approach / Fishburn Air and Ground
118.300 MHzBelfast Aldergrove Tower / Kirkwall Tower and Approach / Birmingham International Tower
118.325 MHzIpswich AFIS
118.350 MHzDerby Air and Ground
118.400 MHzBlackpool Tower
118.420 MHzRAF Lyneham Approach and Radar Director
118.425 MHzLiverpool Airport Radar / Wroughton Approach
118.475 MHzWest Drayton / London Air Traffic Control
118.500 MHzLondon Heathrow Tower
118.550 MHzJersey Airport Radar
118.575 MHzManchester Airport Radar, Standby and ATC Arrivals
118.600 MHzDublin Airport Tower
118.700 MHzShannon Airport Tower
118.774 MHzManchester Airport Radar
118.780 MHzScottish Control
118.800 MHzGlasgow Airport Tower
118.825 MHzWest Drayton / London Control ACC
118.850 MHzTeeside Airport Approach / Radar
118.875 MHzOxford Kidlington Airport Tower / AFIS
118.900 MHzIsle of Man Tower / Guernsey Radar / Kemble Air and Ground / Norfolk Tower
118.950 MHzLondon Gatwick Approach

119 MHz

119.000 MHzRAF Brize Norton Radar / RAF Common Frequency / RAF Mildehall 100th Refuelling Wing / East Shetland Information / USAF Fairford Approach
119.100 MHzGlasgow Radar
119.125 MHzHumberside Airport Approach, Tower and Radar / RAF Newton Tower
119.150 MHzUSAF Fairford Tower
119.200 MHzBenbecula Approach, Tower and FIS
119.225 MHzRAF Lyneham Tower
119.250 MHzCoventry Airport Approach and Tower
119.300 MHzCork Airport Tower / Hatfield Aerodrome Radar / RAF Kinloss Approach
119.325 MHzExeter Airport ATIS
119.350 MHzDornoch Aerodrome Approach / Inverness Airport Radar / Norwich Airport Approach and Radar / RAF Kinloss Departures / RAF Lossiemouth Approach (LARS/MATZ)
119.375 MHzRAF Cranwell Approach and Radar
119.400 MHzWoodford (Bae) Radar (Manchester) / Manchester Airport Approach and Radar / Haydock Park Approach
119.425 MHzStubton Park Air and Ground
119.450 MHzPrestwick Airport Radar / Jersey Airport Tower / Hinton in the Hedges Air and Ground
119.475 MHzBournemouth Hurn Approach and Radar / RAF St Athan Cardiff Approach / Cardiff Airport ATIS
119.525 MHzDoncaster Tower
119.550 MHzDublin Airport Approach / Shipdam Air, Ground and AFIS
119.650 MHzDerby Approach for East Midlands Airport / East Midlands Airport Radar
119.700 MHzNewcastle Airport Tower / Wick Air and Ground / Swansea Airport Air and Ground
119.725 MHzLondon Heathrow Approach Director
119.750 MHzPerranporth Air and Ground / RAF Woodvale Tower
119.775 MHzWest Drayton London Control
119.800 MHzExeter Airport Tower / Dundee Air, Ground and AFIS / Teesside Airport Tower
119.850 MHzLiverpool Airport Approach and Radar
119.875 MHzScottish Control VHF / Prestwick Scottish ACC (Information) / St Andrews (RAF) Information
119.900 MHzCork Airport Approach / London Heathrow Radar
119.925 MHzDublin Approach
119.950 MHzBlackpool Approach and Radar / Guernsey Tower
119.975 MHzRAF Coningsby Tower

120 MHz

120.025 MHzWest Drayton London Control
120.075 MHzNorth Sea Pickerill Oil Field Deck / North Sea Trent Oil Field Deck / North Sea Viking Oil Field Deck / RAF Colerne Approach and Tower
120.125 MHzEast Midlands Airport Radar
120.150 MHzNorth Coates Air and Ground
120.200 MHzShannon Airport Approach
120.225 MHzSouthampton Airport Zone
120.250 MHzPanshanger Air and Ground
120.255 MHzSolent Interial Contact Frequency
120.275 MHzRedhill Aerodrome Tower and AFIS
120.300 MHzJersey Airport Approach and Radar / Leeds Bradford Airport Tower
120.325 MHzPeterborough (Sibson) MATZ and LARS / RAF Northolt Departures
120.400 MHzLondon Heathrow Approach
120.425 MHzRAF Barkston Heath Tower
120.450 MHzNorth Sea Oil Rig Heliport Common / Jersey Airport Air Traffic Control
120.475 MHzLondon Sector VHF / West Drayton London Central SID’s
120.500 MHzRAF Leeming Talkdown
120.525 MHzBiggin Hill Speed Bird Ops / West Drayton London Control ACC
120.575 MHzLuton Airport ATIS
120.600 MHzCumbernauld Airport AFIS
120.625 MHzHigh Easter Aerodrome Approach (Stansted) / West Drayton London Control
120.675 MHzRAF Northolt Tower
120.700 MHzLydd Airport Air, Ground and AFIS / Woodford (BAe) Approach and Tower
120.725 MHzRAF Valley ATIS
120.750 MHzRAF Shawbury Radar
120.800 MHzRAF Coningsby Approach (LARS and MATZ)
120.825 MHzNationwide Red Arrows Display Team
120.850 MHzIsle of Man Ronaldsway Approach and Radar / Thruxton Aerodrome Tower
120.900 MHzBelfast (Aldergrove) Radar / RAF Benson Radar
120.925 MHzCork Airport ATIS / Fowlemere Air and Ground
120.975 MHzGloucestershire Radar

121 MHz

121.000 MHzRAF Woodvale Approach
121.075 MHzSilverstone Air and Ground / Duxford Air Display Channel / Cheltenham Racecourse Heliport / North Weald Fighter Grouping Meet
121.100 MHzDublin Airport Approach / Henlow Air and Ground
121.125 MHzRAF Mildenhall Air to Air Tanker Flights
121.175 MHzNationwide CAA Events Air to Ground / Farnborough Airshow CAA Events Special Use / North Weald Display Frequency
121.200 MHzEdinburgh Airport Approach and Radar
121.225 MHzWest Drayton London Control
121.250 MHzPlymouth Military (RN) Radar
121.275 MHzWest Drayton London Control
121.300 MHzLochaber Air Ambulance / Glasgow Radar
121.325 MHzWest Drayton Inbound / West Drayton London Control TMA
121.350 MHzManchester Airport Radar
121.400 MHzShannon Airport Approach
121.500 MHzNationwide Maritime Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons / Nationwide Civil Aviation Distress Channel
121.600 MHzNationwide Airfield Fire & Rescue (including the Isle of Man) / RAF Lyneham Crew Commander
121.700 MHzCoventry Airport Ground / Glasgow Ground / London Heathrow Ground / Manchester Airport Delivery and Ground / Nationwide CAA events (rarely used) / Shannon Clearance and Delivery / Sheffiled City Airport ATIS / Bournemouth (Hurn) Ground / Aberdeen (Dyce Airport) Ground / Cork Airport Tower
121.725 MHzRAF Brize Norton Ground / Stansted Ground
121.750 MHzBelfast (Aldergrove)Ground / Blackpool ATIS / Edinburgh Airport Ground / Luton Airport Ground
121.775 MHzSouthampton Airport Ground / Wycombe Air Park (Booker) Ground
121.800 MHzBirmingham International Airport Ground / Cork Airport Ground / Dublin Airport Ground / Guernsey Ground / London Gatwick Ground / Prestwick Airport Tower / Leeds Bradford Airport Delivery / Southend Airport ATIS / Shannon Airport Ground and Tower
121.850 MHzWroughton PFA Delivery / Manchester Airport Ground / London Heathrow ATIS (Departures) / Aberdeen (Dyce Airport) ATIS
121.875 MHzConnaught (Knock) Airport Ground / Dublin Airport Clearance and Ground / Cranfield ATIS
121.900 MHzEast Midlands Airport Ground / Jersey Airport Ground / London Heathrow Ground / Connaught (Knock) Airport Ground
121.925 MHzRedhill Aerodrome Ground (Air shows Only) / Wroughton PFA Ground
121.950 MHzBournemouth (Hurn) ATIS / London Gatwick Clearance and Delivery / Oxford (Kidlington Airport) Ground / RAF Cosford Ground and Tower
121.975 MHzLondon Heathrow Clearance / Manchester Airport ATIS (Departures)

122 MHz

122.000 MHzBaldonnel, Eire Approach and Radar / Coventry Airport Radar / Lashenden (Headcorn) Air and Ground / North Sea BP Buchan Field / North Sea BP Cyprus Field / North Sea BP Forties Field / North Sea BP Gyda Field / North Sea Caister Oil Field / North Sea Unity Oil Field Deck / RAF Mona Air and Ground (weekends only)
122.025 MHzNorth Sea Murdoch Oil Field
122.050 MHzAberdeen (Dyce Airport) British Airways / Liverpool Airport Keenair Ops / London Jersey Air Ops / Nationwide Brymon Airways / North Sea Chevron Ninian Field Log / North Sea Conoco Murchison Field Deck / North Sea Ninian Field / North Sea Shell and Esso Auk Field / North Sea Shell and Esso Fulmar Field / North Sea Shell and Esso Kittiwake Field / North Sea Thistle Field Deck / Nottingham Aerodrome Hutchins Crop Sprayers / Southend Airport Heavilift Ops / Stapleford Aeromega Ops (Helicopter Ops)
122.075 MHzWhitchurch (Tilstock) Air and Ground / Duxford Information
122.100 MHzBoscombe Down Radar / Dishforth Approach / Kirkcudbridge Range (Kirkcoobree) / North of 56N Fisheries Protection / Nationwide Military Tower Common / RAF Benson Approach and Radar / RAF Church Fenton Tower and Ground / RAF Colerne Approach and Tower / RAF Coningsby Approach, Tower and Ground / RAF Cottesmore Tower and Ground / RAF Cranwell Tower / RAF Dishforth (Army) Approach and Tower / RAF Honington Tower / RAF Kinloss Tower / RAF Leeming Tower / RAF Leuchars Tower and Ground / RAF Linton-On-Ouse Tower and Ground / RAF Lyneham Tower and Ground / RAF Marham Tower / RAF Shawbury Tower / RAF Spadeadam Radar / RAF St Athan Approach / RNAS Culdrose Tower / RAF Valley Tower and Ground / RAF St Mawgan Approach and Tower / RNAS Predannack Tower / RAF Ternhill Tower / USAF Lakenheath Tower / RNAS Yeovilton Tower / USAF Fairford Approach / RNAS Merryfield Tower / RAF Wyton Tower / RAF Topcliffe Approach and Tower / Yeovilton Tower / Wattisham (Army Airfeild) Tower / RAF Ternhill Tower / Sligo Tower AFIS
122.125 MHzNorth Sea Hamilton Argyll Field / Flotta Airfield Tower / Leicester Aerodrome Air and Ground
122.150 MHzAberporth (MoD) AFIS
122.175 MHzTruweston Aerodrome Air and Grounds / North Sea Mobil Beryl Field
122.200 MHzCambridge Airport Tower / Haverfordwest Aerodrome Air and Ground / Gormanston, Eire IAC Military Approach
122.250 MHzNorth Sea Shell and Esso Brent Field / Rochester Aerodrome AFIS / Caernarfon Aerodrome Tower
122.275 MHzNationwide User CAA Calibrator Aircraft / Nationwide Dutch F-16 Team Air/Ground
122.300 MHzAlderney Aurigny Airlines / Baldonnel, Eire IAC Military Radar / Blackbushe AFIS and Air and Ground / Nationwide Aircraft Excercise Frequency / Peterborough (Sibson) Approach and Radar
122.325 MHzNorth Sea Hamilton Esmond Field / North Sea Hamilton Forbes Field / North Sea Hamilton Gordon Field
122.350 MHzTeeside Airport Air Cam / Audley End Air and Ground / Brooklands Air and Ground / Cardiff Airport Operations / East Midlands Airport Air Bridge Carriers Ops / Edinburgh Airport Execair Operations / Glasgow Execair / Grimsby (Cuxwold) Air and Ground / Guernsey Aurigny Air Services / Hethel Air and Ground / Hitchin (Rush Green) Air and Ground / Liverpool Airport Cheshire Air Training Ops / Lochaber PLM Helicopters / London Heathrow Gulf Air Terminal 3 / Luton Airport Reed Aviation
122.375 MHzHumberside Bond Helicopters / Morecambe Bay BP Field Helicopters / North Sea BP Magnus Field Deck / Peterhead and Longside Air and Ground Bond Helicopters / Plockton Airfield Air and Ground / Strubby Heliport Air and Ground
122.395 MHzNorth Sea Magnus BP
122.400 MHzBantry,Eire Air and Ground / Dounreay Aerodrome Tower / Elstree Aerodrome Air, Ground and AFIS / Scatsa Aerodrome Radar / Weston (Dublin) Air and Ground
122.425 MHzEarls Colne Air and Ground
122.450 MHzChichester Military Police Helicopter Ops / Chichester (Goodwood) AFIS / North Sea Claymore & Tartan / North Sea Occidental Claymore Field / North Sea Piper Oil Field Deck / North Sea Saltire Oil Field Deck / North Sea Texaco Tartan Field
122.475 MHzNationwide Aero Stars Formerly Red Stars Aerobatic Team Manual 2 / Nationwide Hot air Ballooning
122.500 MHzLlanbedr (MoD) Tower and Radar / Galway A/G and AFIS / Farnborough (RAE Airfield) Tower / Weston-super-Mare Tower / Bitteswell Aerodrome Air and Ground
122.525 MHzNorth Sea Hamilton Pipe Field / North Sea Clyde Oil Field Deck / Ashcroft Farm Air and Ground / North Sea Judy Oil Field Deck
122.550 MHzRAF Mildenhall Tower / Nationwide Practice Personal Locator Beacon / Dunsfold Aerodrome Radar / West Freugh (MoD) Tower
122.600 MHzInverness Airport Approach and Tower / Castlebar, Eire Air and Ground / Abbeyshrule,Eire Air and Ground / Lerwick (Tingwall) Air, Ground and Air Ambulance / White Waltham Aerodrome Air and Ground / Sherburn-in-Elmet Aerodrome Tower / Seething Aerodrome Air and Ground
122.625 MHzNorth Sea Conoco Viking Field
122.650 MHzNorth Sea Nelson Oil Field Deck
122.675 MHzScotland Bonzai Squadron Air to Air / Duxford Ops
122.700 MHzBodmin Tower / Barton Aerodrome, Manchester Air and Ground / Compton Abbas Aerodrome Air and Ground / Northampton (Sywell) AFIS / Silverstone Tower / Tain Range (RAF) Range / Tiree AFIS / North Sea Scott Oil Field Deck
122.725 MHzFilton (BAe), Bristol Approach and Radar
122.750 MHzCowden Range Control / Donna Nook Range Control / Highland Ranges (RAF) Ranges / Nationwide Dutch Military in UK air space (calibrating) / Netheravon (Army) Air and Ground (Salisbury Plain) / North Coates Air and Ground Donna Nook Range / Pembrey Range / RAF Pendine Range / Wainfleet Range / Salisbury Plain (Army) Ops
122.775 MHzCrowfield Aerodrome Air and Ground / Oaksey Park Air and Ground
122.800 MHzBaldonnel,Eire Area Control / North Sea Unionoil Heather Field / Nottingham Aerodrome Air and Ground / Stapleford Air and Ground
122.825 MHzBruntingthorpe Air and Ground
122.850 MHzCranfield Approach and Tower
122.875 MHzNorth Sea Guinevere Oil Field Deck / North Sea Lancelot Oil Field / North Sea Phillips Hewett Field / North Sea Excalibur Oil Field Deck / North Sea Galahad Oil Field
122.900 MHzDundee Approach and Tower / Gloucestershire Tower / Kilkenny Air and Ground / London Westland Heliport Tower (Battersea) / Long Marston Aerodrome Tower
122.925 MHzFenland Air, Ground and AFIS / North Sea Phillip Ekofisk Field
122.950 MHzAberdeen (Dyce Airport) Bristow Helicopters / Birr Aerodrome, Eire Air and Ground (Birr Radio) / London Air Ambulance G-HEMS / Nationwide Freemans Aviation / Nationwide Hospital Helipads / Nationwide Helicopter DEPCON (Departure Comms.) / North Sea Eko and Tees Pip Oil Field Deck / North Sea Kotter Oil Field Deck / North Sea Logger Oil Field / North Sea Nam Nam Field / North Sea Nam Noordwinning / North Sea Penzoil Noordwinning / North Sea Petroland Petroland Field / North Sea Placid Placid Field / North Sea Zanddijk
122.975 MHzMarston Moor Aerodrome Tower
122.980 MHzShannon Control

123 MHz

123.000 MHzConnemara Eire Air and Ground / Eaglescott Air and Ground / Halfpenny Green Aerodrome AFIS / Inisheer, Eire Air and Ground / North Sea Ivanhoe Oil Field Deck / Wolverhampton AFIS
123.025 MHzNorth Sea Gryphon Oil Field / Hamilton Ravenspurnn North
123.050 MHzBeverley (Linley Hill) Tower / North Sea Brent Oil Field Log / North Sea North Cormorant Log / North Sea Shell and Esso Eider field Log / North Sea South Cormorant Log / Nuthampstead, Royston Air and Ground / Old Warden (Biggleswade) Tower (Display Days Only) / RAF Leconfield Rescue / Stevenage Aerodrome British Aerospace / Wigtown Tower
123.100 MHzLondon Special Flypasts Air to Ground (Trooping the Colours etc.) / Nationwide Search and Rescue / RAF Boulmer Air and Ground / Scotland Air Mountain Rescue / Baldonnel, Eire Ground
123.150 MHzHumberside Airport Radar / Islay Airport AFIS / Scilly Isles (St Marys) Approach and Tower / Shoreham Aerodrome Approach and Tower / Sumburgh Airport Approach and Tower
123.175 MHzBadminton Air and Ground
123.200 MHzBarrow (Walney Island) Air and Ground / Enniskillen (St Angelo) Air and Ground / Old Sarum Air and Ground / St Angelo Tower
123.220 MHzFadmoor Aerodrome Air and Ground
123.225 MHzNorth Sea Arco Thames Field / North Sea Bruce Oil Field Deck
123.250 MHzBagby (Thirsk) Air and Ground / Bembridge, Isle of Wight AFIS, Air and Ground / Welshpool Air and Ground
123.275 MHzNetherthorpe Air and Ground
123.300 MHzRAF Marham Radar / RAF Odiham Talkdown / RAF Shawbury Talkdown / RAF St Athan Talkdown / RAF St Mawgan Radar / RAF Topcliffe Talkdown / RAF Valley Director and Talkdown / RAF Waddington Director / RAF Wittering Radar / RNAS Culdrose Tower and Talkdown / RNAS Yeovilton Director and Talkdown / Spanish Point, Eire Air and Ground / Trim, Eire Air and Ground / Wattishan (Army Airfield) Approach / Yeovilton Talkdown / Dublin Airport Dublin Militray ATC / Manchester Airport ATC / Nationwide Military Airfield Radar / RAF Barkston Heath Talkdown / RAF Chruch Fenton Talkdown / RAF Linton-On-Ouse Radar / RAF Lossiemouth Approach and Radar / RAF Cranwell Talkdown / RAF Cottesmore Talkdown / RAF Kinloss Radar / RAF Coningsby Radar / RAF Leuchars Tower and Radar / RAF Lyneham Talkdown / RAF Coltishall Radar / RAF Leeming Approach
123.325 MHzKerry Tower
123.350 MHzRed Star Racing Yaks Team / Hatfield Aerodrome Approach / Hawarden Aerodrome Approach / Nationwide CAA events (rarely used)
123.375 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control TMA / Morecambe Bay British Gas Helicopters
123.400 MHzRAF St Mawgan Tower / North Sea Dab Duc Skjold Field / RAF Lyneham Approach and Radar (Zone) / Great Yarmouth (North Denes) Approach, Tower, Air and Ground / Nationwide Air to Air / Manchetser Area Control Centre Control
123.425 MHzFairoaks Tower and AFIS
123.450 MHzUnst (Saxa Vord) Ops / North Sea Rolf Oil Field Deck / North Sea Marathon West Kinsale / Nationwaide Air to Air Common / Cark Radio / North Sea Dab Duc Dan Field / Nationwide 100 Squadron Air to Air / Errol Aerodrome Drop Zone Control / Nationwide US Navy C-12 Air to Air / North Sea Dab Duc Gorm Field / North Sea Amoco Indefatigable Field / Mull Traffic
123.475 MHzNationwide Air Display Team Frecce Tricolori / Dunkeswell Aerodrome Air and Ground
123.500 MHzStornoway Airport Approach, Tower and AFIS / Shobdon Aerodrome Air and Ground / Sandown, Isle of Wight Air and Ground / Newtonards Air and Ground / Nationwide Air to Air / Felthorpe Aerodrome Tower / Eggesford Aerodrome Tower / Berwick-on-Tweed (Winfield) Winfield Radio / Baldonnel, Eire Tower / Woodvale Air and Ground / Swanton Morley Aerodrome Air and Ground / North Sea Sun Balmoral Field
123.525 MHzNorth Weald Air and Ground
123.550 MHzNorth Sea Captian Oil field
123.575 MHzNorth Sea Tiffany Oil Field Deck
123.600 MHzBellmullet, Eire AFIS, Air and Ground / Cambridge Airport Approach / Carlisle Airport Approach, Tower, Air and Ground / RAFSpadeadam Danger area / Rathkenny Radio Air and Ground / Scatsa Aerodrome Approach and Tower / North Sea Shell and Esso Indefatigable
123.625 MHzWalton Wood Air and Ground / Ballykelly Approach (Eglinton) ATZ / Londonderry Approach / North Sea Amoco Indefatigable Field / North Sea Amoco Leman Field / North Sea Bessemer Oil Field / North Sea Camelot Oil Field / North Sea Davey Oil Field Deck / North Sea Shell and Esso Leman Field / North Sea Shell and Esso Sean Field / North Sea Thames Oil Field
123.650 MHzBournemouth FRADU FR Aviation (Broadway Ops) / Hatfield Aerodrome Hatair Ops / Hayes Heliport A/G (Macline Hayes) / London Heathrow British Airways / Nationwide Brymon Airways / North Sea Beatrice Field Deck / North Sea Brae Oil Field Deck / North Sea East Brae Oil Field Deck / South of 56N Fisheries Protection
123.720 MHzRAF Brize Norton Tower
123.725 MHzEpson Aerodrome Tower
123.775 MHzNationwide CAA Events (Rarely Used) / Prestwick Scottish Control
123.800 MHzStansted Tower
123.875 MHzNorth Sea Maureen Oil Field Deck
123.900 MHzLondon Heathrow ATIS
123.925 MHzLittle Stuaghton Air and Ground
123.950 MHzShannon Shanwick Oceanic ACC

124 MHz

124.000 MHzEast Midlands Airport Tower
124.025 MHzWellesbourne Mountford Air and Ground
124.050 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control
124.075 MHzTatenhill Aerodrome Air and Ground
124.100 MHzCardiff Airport Radar
124.125 MHzHumberside Airport ATIS
124.150 MHzLittle Snoring Aerodrome Air and Ground / Nationwide Army Helicopter Common / Plymouth Military (RN) Radar / RAF Marham Approach
124.175 MHzShanwick Control
124.200 MHzManchester Airport Manchester Air Traffic control
124.225 MHzLondon, Gatwick Tower
124.275 MHzRAF Brize Norton Radar / West Drayton London Control
124.325 MHzDunsfold Aerodrome Tower / Liverpool Airport ATIS
124.350 MHzBristol Airport Radar
124.375 MHzNewcastle Airport Approach and Radar / RAF Spadeadam Danger Area
124.450 MHzNorth Sea Tyra Oil Field Deck
124.475 MHzLonon Heathrow Standby Tower
124.500 MHzGuernsey Radar / Prestwick Scottish Control
124.525 MHzDublin ATIS
124.600 MHzWest Drayton London Control FIR Information
124.650 MHzDublin Airport Ayr Control Center
124.670 MHzHull (Mount Airy) Humberside Approach
124.700 MHzGalway, Eire CAC / Sligo CAC / Shannon Control / Waterford CAC
124.750 MHzPembrey Range London Information / Staxton Wold Danger Area / Trevose Head (RAF) Danger Area Information / West Drayton London Control Information
124.800 MHzCoventry Airport Tower
124.825 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control (700-2145)
124.900 MHzBelfast(Aldergrove) Approach / Humberside Airport Tower
124.950 MHzChester Garrison Army Helicopter / Filton (BAe) Bristol Approach and Radar / Hawarden Aerodrome Tower
124.975 MHzCambrdige Airport Radar / Cambrdige Airport Radar

125 MHz

125.000 MHzDishforth Approach / RAF Topcliffe Director
125.050 MHzSouthend Airport Radar
125.100 MHzManchester Airport Manchester Air Traffic Control
125.125 MHzRAF Northolt ATIS
125.175 MHzNorth Sea Markham Oil Field / North Sea Noordwinning and Zandijk Oil Field Deck / North Sea Placid Oil Field / North Sea Petroland Oil Field
125.200 MHzJersey Airport Air Traffic Control
125.250 MHzLasham Approach (Farnborough) / Farnborough (RAE Airfield) Radar
125.300 MHzRonaldsway, Isle of Man Radar
125.325 MHzOxford (Kidlington Airport) Approach
125.350 MHzRAF Waddington Zone / Alderney Tower
125.400 MHzShoreham Aerodrome Tower (when directed) / Chalgrove Tower / Yeovil (Westland) Tower, Air and Ground (Judwin Radio)
125.425 MHzRAFSyerston Airand Ground
125.475 MHzWest Drayton London Control Information
125.500 MHzRAF Fairford International Air Tattoo Base Ops / RAF St Mawgan Approach
125.550 MHzStansted Tower
125.575 MHzGlasgow Approach and Radar / Leeds and Bradford Approach
125.600 MHzBournemouth (Hurn) Tower
125.625 MHzLondon Heathrow Radar
125.650 MHzGloucestershire Airport Approach / Prestwick Scottish Control / West Drayton London Control North Sea
125.725 MHzPrestwick Airport Scottish VOLMET
125.750 MHzManston Tower
125.800 MHzWattisham (Army Airfield) Approach / West Drayton London Control Radar Departure
125.825 MHzNewcastle Airport Radar
125.850 MHzCardiff Airport Approach and Radar / RAF St Athan Approach / Sumburgh Airport ATIS
125.875 MHzRAF Northolt Talkdown
125.900 MHzCampbeltown Flight Information /
125.950 MHzManchester Airport Manchester Air Traffic Control

126 MHz

126.025 MHzBristol Airport ATIS
126.050 MHzCoventry Airport ATIS
126.075 MHzWest Drayton London Control
126.100 MHzPrestwick Highland Radar / Sumburgh Radar (North Sea Offshore)
126.125 MHzBristol Airport ATIS
126.150 MHzNationwide RAF Flight Checker
126.250 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control (information)
126.275 MHzBirmingham International Airport ATIS
126.300 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control (2145-0700 Hrs) / West Drayton London Control Inbound
126.350 MHzLiverpool Airport Tower / Canterbury Traffic Information (Manston) / Manston Approach and Radar (LARS/MATZ)
126.450 MHzRAF Northolt Approach
126.500 MHzRAF Church Fenton Approach (MATZ) / RAF Fairford Tower (Airshows Only)
126.600 MHzManchester Airport London VOLMET (North)
126.650 MHzManchester Airport Manchester Air Traffic Control
126.700 MHzCoventry Airport ATIS
126.725 MHzLuton Airport Approach and Radar
126.825 MHzLondon Gatwick Approach (Director)
126.850 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control
126.875 MHzWest Daryton London Control Inbound
126.950 MHzStansted Radar

127 MHz

127.000 MHzDublin Airport Dublin VOLMET
127.050 MHzNationwide CAA Test Flights
127.100 MHzWest Drayton London Control
127.125 MHzPrestwick Airport ATIS (Information)
127.150 MHzRAF Benson Tower
127.250 MHzUSAF Fairford Approach / RAF Brize Norton Approach
127.275 MHzPrestwick Scottish ACC (information)
127.350 MHzRAF Waddington Radar (LARS and MATZ) / RNAS Yeovilton Approach and Radar / Yeovil Radar (LAKS)
121.425 MHzWest Drayton London Control Upper Sector East
127.450 MHzWest Drayton London Military Northwest
127.475 MHzGloucetershire Airport ATIS
127.500 MHzShannon Airport ACC
127.525 MHzLondon Heathrow Approach
127.575 MHzDeanethorpe Approach
127.650 MHzShannon Airport Shanwick Oceanic ACC / West Drayton Oceanic Clearance (East of 30 W)
127.700 MHzWest Drayton London Control
127.725 MHzSouthend Airport Approach and Tower
127.750 MHzNationwide Air UK Company Channel / RAF Leeming Approach and Director
127.875 MHzWest Drayton London Control
127.900 MHzShannon Shanwick Oceanic ACC (Shanwick Radio) / West Midlands Air Ambulance
127.975 MHzWarton (BAe) Ops

128 MHz

128.025 MHzLondon City Airport Radar and City Radar
128.050 MHzManchester Airport Area Control Centre
128.100 MHzSt Kilda Tower
128.150 MHzExeter Airport Tower and Radar
128.175 MHzManchester Airport ATIS
128.200 MHzBelfast (Aldergrove) ATIS
128.225 MHzEast Midlands Airport ATIS
128.250 MHzSouthampton Airport Radar / West Drayton London Military
128.300 MHzAberdeen (Dyce Airport) Radar / Netheravon (Army) Drop Zone Radio and Information
128.325 MHzNorwich Airport Radar
128.375 MHzHuddersfield (Crossland Moor) Air and Ground
128.400 MHzFarnborough ATIS
128.425 MHzWest Drayton London Control
128.500 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control TMA / Fairford IAT Ukraine Team SU-27 Ops / Duxford Air Display Channel
128.525 MHzDoncaster Tower Approach
128.550 MHzBristol Airport Approach / Clonbullogue,Eire Air and Ground
128.600 MHzWest Drayton London VOLMET (South)
128.625 MHzNorwich Airport ATIS
128.650 MHzAlderney Approach (Geurnsey) / Geurnsey Approach
128.675 MHzManchester Airport Pennine Radar
128.700 MHzWest Drayton London Military Radar
128.750 MHzLuton Airport Approach and Radar
128.850 MHzSouthampton Airport Approach (as directed) Radar / Teeside Airport Radar
128.900 MHzRAF Holington Radar / Stanford (Army) Danger Area / USAF Lakenheath Civil Transit
128.950 MHzSouthend Airport Approach and Radar
128.975 MHzEdinburgh Airport Radar

129 MHz

129.025 MHzNationwide Air France Company Channel
129.075 MHzWest Drayton London Control
129.100 MHzWest Drayton London Control
129.150 MHzRAF Linton-On-Ouse Air, Ground, Approach and Departures
129.175 MHzDublin Area Control Centre (North Sector)
129.200 MHzWest Drayton London Control
129.225 MHzWroughton PFA Circuit
129.250 MHzRAF Fairford Tower (Airshows Only) / Nationwide CAA Special Events
129.375 MHzWest Drayton London Control
129.400 MHzBiggin Hill Approach
129.425 MHzBristol London Control
129.450 MHzPrestwick Airport Approach / Manston Approach and Radar
129.475 MHzRAF Lyneham Ground
129.500 MHzNationwide Delta Airlines Packet Channel / Nationwide Hang Gliders & Balloons
129.525 MHzWoodford (BAe) Radar / Warton Approach and Radar
129.550 MHzLuton Airport Approach and Radar
129.575 MHzGlasgow ATIS
129.600 MHzWest Drayton London Control / Nationwide Delta Airlines Packet Channel
129.625 MHzNationwide TWA Packet Frequency
129.650 MHzNorth Sea Statfjord Oil Field Deck
129.700 MHzBristol Channel Lundy South Trinity Lighthouse / Blackbushe ATS / Baldonnel, Eire Talkdown and IAC Military Radar / Alderney Trinity Lightship Heliport / Southern Airport Express Flight / Seven Estuary Flatholm Trinity Lighthouse / Prestwick Airport Ogden Aviation / Prestwick Flight Handling / North Sea Lomond Oil Field / North Sea Amoco Montrose Field / North Sea Inner Dowsing Trinity Lighship / North Sea Everest Oil Field / North Sea Amoco Arbraoth Field / English Channel South Bishop Trinity Lightship / English Channel Bishops Rock Trinity Lighthouse / Jersey Airport Aviation Beauport Ops / English Channel Royal Sovereign Trinity Lightship / English Channel Longships Trinity Lightship / English Channel Casquets Trinity Lightship / English Channel Smalls Trinity Lightship / English Channel Round Island Trinity Lightship / Irish Sea Skerries Trinity Lightship / London Heathrow Mam Aviation / English Channel Hanois Trinity Lightship / Nationwide Britannia Ops / Nationwide Trinity House Helicopters / Milford Haven Skokholm Trinity Lighthouse / Glasgow Northwest
129.725 MHzWarton (BAe) Bristol Radar / Peterborough Conington) Air and Ground / Lewes (Deanland) Air and Ground / Jersey Airport Information
129.750 MHzStansted Servisair Ops / Norwich Airport Air UK Ops / North Sea Total and Elf Frigg Field / North Sea Kewanee Nordsee Field / North Sea Elf Aquataine Norge Frigg / Nationwide Manx Ops / Ntionwide Loganair Ops / Nationwide Brymon Airways / Nationwide BMA Ops / Filton (BAe), Bristol Rolls Royce Ops / Belfast City Handling
129.775 MHzNorth Sea North Hamilton Oil Field Deck / North Sea Lennox Oil Field
129.800 MHzTruro Aerodrome Air and Ground / Popham Aerodrome Radio / Donegal (Carrickfinn) Eire Tower and AFIS / Breighton Air and Ground / Bourn Aerodrome Air and Ground
129.825 MHzCromer (Northrepps) Air and Ground / Esholt Air and Ground (Esholt Radio Weekends) / Insch Airfield Air and Ground / Swindon (Draycott) / Nationwide Microlight Common
129.850 MHzWaterford Tower and AFIS / Chester Garrison Army Helicopter Tower
129.875 MHzHethersett Aerodrome Radio / North Sea BP West Sole Field / Enstone Aerodrome Air and Ground / North Sea Amethyst Field Deck / North Sea BP Ravenspurn North Field Deck / North Sea BP Ravenspurn North Field Deck / North Sea British Gas Rough Field Deck / North Sea BP Cleeton Field Deck / North Sea West Sole Oil Field Deck
129.900 MHzStrathallan Aerodrome Air and Ground / Pocklington Base / Phillips Eko and EMB Pipe Oil Field Deck / North Sea Eider Oil Field Deck / Nationwide RAF Formation Air to Air / Nationwide Hot Air Ballooning / Nationwide Hang Gliding / Nationwide Air Ambulance / Liskeard Civil Heliport / Limerick (Coonagh) Air and Ground / Lasham Aerodrome Glider Ops / Langar Airfield Drop Zone / Coonagh, Eire Air and Ground / Cockerham Parachuting / Cardiff Tremorfa Heliport / Cardiff West Sole Oil Field Deck
129.950 MHzSumburgh Airport Helicopter Information / Shetland Basin Viking Approach / North Sea Conoco Oil Rig / South Cormorant Oil Field Deck / North Sea South Cormorant Oil Field Deck / North Sea Shell and Esso Tern Field Deck / North Sea Shell and Esso Dunlin Field Deck / Ballykelly (Army) Dropping Zone
129.975 MHzSwansea Airport ATC Glider Training / Rufforth, York Air and Ground / North Weald Gliders / North Sea Helicopter Common / Nationwide Gliding / Tibenham Air and Ground

130 MHz

130.000 MHzBoscombe Down (MOD) Approach and Radar / Nationwide Air to Air
130.025 MHzBiggin Hill Srikair / London Capital Radio Flying Eye Ops / Nationwide Dollar Air Metro / Southend Airport British World Ops
130.050 MHzAberdeen (Dyce Airport) Ground Staff / Farnborough (RAE Airfield) Precision Approach Radar / West Freugh (MoD) Approach / Woodford Tower
130.075 MHzLondon Gatwick Servisair Ops / London Heathrow Air Malta Ops / RAF Brize Norton Brize Ops
130.100 MHzRAF Dishforth (also Army) Air and Ground / Spalding (Crowland) Tower / Strubby Aerodrome Air and Ground (Strubby Base) Gliders / Tribenham Air and Ground (Gliders) / Ballykelly (Army) Ballarena Ops / Bellarena Air and Ground Gliders / Dishforth Air and Ground Gliders / Long Marston Aerodrome Tower / Nationwide Gliders / Oban Air and Ground / Peranporth Glider Ops / Pocklington Air and Ground Gliders Ops
130.125 MHzNationwide Glider Training / Scarborough Air and Ground Gliders Ops
130.150 MHzLondon Heathrow Emirates Ops
130.175 MHzBlackbushe Air Lynton Ops / Blackpool Janes Ops / Blackpool Lynton Ops / Cambridge Airport Suckling Ops / Cambridge Airport Magnet Air / Exeter Airport Handling / Exeter Airport Markair Ops / Liverpool Airport Emerald Ops / Liverpool Airport Ambassador Ops / London Heathrow Corporate Jet Ops / London Heathrow Gama Ops / Luton Airport Signature Flight Support Ops / Manchester Airport Ryan Air Ops / North Weald Aceair Company channel
130.200 MHzRAF Chivenor Air and Ground / Cottesmore Approach (LARS and MATZ) / RAF Wittering Radar / RAF Cottesmore Approach and Director / Langar Airfield Approach / North Sea Dunbar Oil Field / North Field Alwyn North Oil Field
130.250 MHzNationwide American Airlines Packet / Tresco Civil Heliport / RAF Benson Approach and Radar / Henstridge Tower / East Midlands Airport Donington Aviation / Hawarden Aerodrome Radar
130.300 MHzNationwide Aquilla Spanish Display Team Air to Air (if 130.500 in use) / Sturgate Aerodrome Air and Ground
130.350 MHzUnst (Saxa Vord) Air and Ground / RAF Northolt Radar (Director)
130.375 MHzWick Feullers (FarNor) / Blackbushe Air Hanson Ops / Farnborough Executive Ops
130.400 MHzPunchestown Air and Ground (Parachute & Glider Ops) / Kilkenny Air and Ground (Weekends) / Thirsk (Sutton Bank) Air and Ground (Gliders) / Nationwide Glider Channel / Spalding (Crowland) Tower (Gliders) / Edinburgh Airport Approach (gliders)
130.425 MHzNationwide SAR Incident / Sandtoft Aerodrome Tower / Elmsett Air and Ground (Elmsett Radio) / Nationwide Gliders / Halton Aerdrome Air and Ground
130.450 MHzGlenrothes Air and Ground / Skegness Aerodrome Tower
130.475 MHzLondon, Lippits Hill Met Police Helicopter Air and Ground / Retford Air and Ground
130.500 MHzNationwide Aquilla Spanish Air Display Team Air to Air / Farnborough Airshow Helipad / Nationwide CAA Events Air and Ground / Castleforbes, Eire Air and Ground
130.550 MHzNationwide Phillips Albuskjell Field / North Sea Phillips Edda Field / North Sea Phillips Tor Field / North Sea Phillips Ekofisk Field / North Sea Phillips Eldfisk Field / North Sea Valhall Oil Field Deck / Brough Aerodrome Tower, Air and Ground / North Sea Amoco Vauxhall Field / Andrewsfield Air and Ground
130.575 MHzLondon Gatwick Interflight Ops / London Heathrow Shell Ops / Woodford BAe OPs / Nationwide Phillips Airship Air to Ground / Stansted Universal Air Handling
130.600 MHzManston KIA Ops / London Heathrow Fields Aviation Ops / London Gatwick British Caledonian / Nationwide Brymon Airways Ops / Manchester Airport Servisair / Stansted Air Uk Leisure Ops / Newcastle Airport Servisair / Nationwide Servisair / Nationwide Delta Airline Ops / North Sea Phillips Cod Field / Aberdeen (Dyce Airport) Air UK / Aberdeen (Dyce Airport) Servisair / Belfast (Aldergrove) Servisair / Blackpool Servisair / Bournemouth (Hurn) Channel Express / Bristol Airport Servisair / Cardiff Airport Servisair / Edinburgh Airport Servisair / Guernsey Servisair / Jersey Airport Servisair
130.625 MHzRonaldsway, Isle of Man Island Aviation / Southend Airport British Air Ferries Ops / East Midlands Airport Donington Aviation Ops / Bristol Airport Clifton Ops / Aberdeen (Dyce Airport) Granite Ops / Stapleford Stapleford Ops
130.650 MHzGlasgow Loganair Ops / Foulsham Aerodrome Tower / Bournemouth ( Hurn) Services / Glasgow Maersk Ops / Jersey Airport Company Ops / Kyle of Lochalsh RN Heliport / London Gatwick American Airlines / London Gatwick China Airlines / London Gatwick Handling / London Gatwick Korean Airlines / London Gatwick Northwest Orient / Luton Airport Thames Valley Police Operations / Manchester Airport Aer Lingus Ops / Manchester Airport Handling / Manchester Airport LTU Ops / Manchester Airport Northern Executive / Newcastle Airport Samson Ops / Skye Tower / Southampton Airport Ops
130.675 MHzDuxford Air Display Channel / Nationwide CAA Events Approach and Tower
130.700 MHzConnaught (Knock) Airport Tower / Land’s End (St Just) Tower, Approach Air and Ground / Wroughton Tower
130.725 MHzDenham Air, Ground and AFIS / North Sea FRG, STFS Pipe / West Freough (MoD) Radar
130.750 MHzBoscombe Down (MoD) Tower, Ground and Talkdown / Manchester Airport Aer Lingus Ops / Woodford Approach / Belfast (City) Tower
130.775 MHzBaintree Airfield Air and Ground
130.800 MHzEnglish Channel Fisheries Protection / Hatfield Aerodrome Tower / Hucknall Aerodrome Air and Ground / North Sea Amoco NW Hutton Deck / North Sea Conoco Hutton Deck / Warton (BAe) Tower / Yeovil (Westland) Approach and Radar (Judwin)
130.825 MHzNationwide CAA Events (rarely used)
130.850 MHzBelfast (City) Approach and Radar / Little Gransden Aerodrome Air and Ground
130.875 MHzNorth Sea Kittiwake Oil Field Deck / Nationwide CAA Events Approach / North Sea Alba Oil Field Deck / North Sea Andrew Oil Field
130.900 MHzChalgrove Approach / Dutch F-16 Display Team Air to Air
130.925 MHzWest Drayton London Control TMA
130.950 MHzShannon Airport ATIS

131 MHz

131.000 MHzBirmingham International Airport Radar
131.050 MHzWest Drayton London Control North East UIR
131.075 MHzLondon Gatwick Servisair / Nationwide Red Arrows Display Team
131.100 MHzNationwide British Airways Packet
131.125 MHzNationwide American Airlines Packet
131.150 MHzShannon Control ACC (Cork Sector)
131.300 MHzLydd Airport AFIS / Prestwick Scottish Control (Stornoway) / RAF Odiham Approach and Radar / Sumburgh Airport Radar (North Sea Offshore Advisory
131.350 MHzEdinburgh Airport ATIS
131.375 MHzGlasgow Air Canada
131.400 MHzLondon Heathrow Bangladesh Biman / London Heathrow CSA / London Heathrow Kenya Airways / London Heathrow Trans Mediterranean / London Heathrow Zambian Airlines
131.425 MHzLondon Gatwick Virgin Ops / London Heathrow British Midlands Ops / London Heathrow Royal Jordanian Ops / London Heathrow Saudi Ops / Manchester Airport Cathay Pacific Ops / Birmingham International Airport Allied / Birmingham International Airport Ogden Aviation / Dublin British Midlands Ops / London Gatwick Air New Zealand Ops / London Gatwick Ogden Aviation Ops
131.450 MHzLondon Heathrow Aer Lingus Ops / London Heathrow Air Canada Ops / London Heathrow Air Malta Ops / London Heathrow Alitalia Ops / London Heathrow BWIA Ops / London Heathrow Cathay Pacific Ops / London Heathrow KLM Ops / London Heathrow Pakistan International Ops / London Heathrow Thai Airways Ops / Prestwick Airport Air Canada Ops / Shannon Servisair
131.475 MHzDublin Translift Ops / London Gatwick British Airways Maintenance / London Gatwick Caledonian Ops / London Heathrow All Nippon Ops / London Heathrow GB Airways Ops / London Heathrow Maersk Ops / London Heathrow Sabena / London Heathrow TAT Ops / London Heathrow Speedbird Control North / Nationwide Canadian Armed Forces
131.500 MHzCork Airport Aer Lingus Ops / Dublin Airport Aer Lingus / London Heathrow Air France Ops / London Heathrow British Airways Ops / London Heathrow Kuwait Airways Ops
131.525 MHzLuton Airport London European Airways / Luton Airport Monarch Airlines / Luton Airport Ryan Air / Manchester Airport American Ops
131.550 MHzLondon Heathrow Luxair Ops / Dublin Ryanair Ops / London Heathrow Ryanair Ops / London Heathrow British Airways Parking / London Heathrow Springbok Ops
131.575 MHzGeurnsey British Midland Ops / Jersey Airport British Midland Jersey Ops / London Heathrow Channel Express Ops/ London Heathrow El Al / London Heathrow Iran Air Ops / London Heathrow Manx Ops / Plymouth City Airport Brymon / East Midlands Airport British Midland / Birmingham International Airport TEA Operations / Birminham International Airport Loganair / Edinburgh Airport British Midland / East Midlands Airport Excalibur Ops / Belfast (Aldergrove) British Midland
131.600 MHzEast Midlands Airport UPS Ops / London Gatwick City Flyer Ops / London Gatwick TWA Ops / London Heathrow Air Line Ops / London Heathrow Fields Ops / London Heathrow TWA Ops
131.625 MHzPortishead Aero Radio Telephones / Shannon Aerofolt Ops / London Gatwick Canadian Pacific Ops / London Gatwick British Caledonian / London, Gatwick (South Terminal) British Airways / London Heathrow Royal Jordanian Ops / London Heathrow Sabena / Potishead Aero Radio Telephones / Shannon Aerofolt Ops
131.650 MHzLondon Heathrow Air Malta Ops / London Heathrow Japan Airlines Ops / London Heathrow KLM Ops Terminal 4
131.675 MHzLuton Airport Britannia Airways
131.700 MHzBrimingham International Airport Air 2000 Ops / Glasgow Air 2000 Ops / London Gatwick Jetset Ops / London Heathrow Air 2000 Ops / London Heathrow Crossair Ops / London Heathrow Delta Ops / London Heathrow KLM / London Heathrow Sabena / London Heathrow SAS Ops / London Heathrow Swissair Ops / Manchester Airport Air 2000 Ops / Manchester Airport SAS Ops / Manchester Airport Swissair Ops
131.725 MHzNationwide ACARS frequency
131.750 MHzManchester Airport Aer Lingus Ops / London Heathrow TAP Air Portugal / London heathrow Lufthansa Ops / London Gatwick Continental / London Heathrow Air UK / London Heathrow Kenya Airways
131.775 MHzLondon Heathrow Olympic / London Heathrow Melev / London Heathrow LOT / London Heathrow JAT / London Heathrow Icelandair / London Heathrow CSA / London Heathrow Sebena / London Heathrow Aerofolt / London Heathrow Korean Air Ops / Birmingham International Airport Air Foyle / London Heathrow British Airways Ops / Stansted Air Foyle / Luton Airport BA Maintenance / Luton Airport Air Foyle
131.800 MHzNationwide Fisheries Protection / Nationwide Air to Air Common / London Heathrow British Airways / Edinburgh Airport British Airways
131.825 MHzDublin Park Aviation / Jersey Airport Company Ops / London Heathrow Cathay Pacific Ops / London Heathrow / Federal Express Ops
131.850 MHzAberdeen (Dyce Airport) British Airways Ops / Belfast (Aldergrove) British Airways Ops / Benbecula British Airways Ops / Birmingham International Airport Birmingham Executive / Birmingham International Airport British Airways Ops / Cork Airport Aer Lingus Company Channel / Inverness Airport / Jersey Airport British Airways Jersey Ops / London Heathrow Emirates Ops / London Heathrow Malaysian Airlines / London Heathrow United Ops / London Heathrow Zambian Airlines / Manchester Airport British Airways Ops / Nationwide British Airways Ops
131.875 MHzLondon Heathrow Qantas Ops / Manchester Airport Euro Manx Ops
131.900 MHzLondon Gatwick Air 2000 / London Heathrow British Airways Speedbird Ops / London Heathrow Conair Ops / London Heathrow South African Airlines / London Heathrow TAT Ops / Prestwick Airport Eastern Airlines Ops
131.925 MHzBirmingham International Airport Lufthansa / London Gatwick American Airlines / London Heathrow Air India Ops / London Heathrow American Airlines Maintenance / London Heathrow American Ops / London Heathrow Servisair Operations / Manchester Airport Lufthansa
131.950 MHzDublin Aer Turas Ops / London Heathrow El Al / London Heathrow Federal Express / London Heathrow Iberia Airlines Ops / London Heathrow MEA Ops / London Heathrow Nigerian Airlines Ops / London Heathrow Olympic Airways Ops / London Heathrow Singapore Airlines Ops / London Heathrow Viva Ops / Manchester Airport Federal Express / Nationwide AAC Eagles Air To Air Secondary / Nationwide Air France Company Channel
131.975 MHzGlasgow British Airways / London Heathrow El Al / London Heathrow Nigerian Airlines Ops / London Heathrow United Ops

132 MHz

132.050 MHzLondon Heathrow Departure and TMA
132.150 MHzShannon Control ACC
132.325 MHzFull Sutton Air and Ground
132.350 MHzFilton (BAe), Bristol Tower
132.400 MHzShoreham Aerodrome ATIS
132.450 MHzWest Drayton London Control
132.550 MHzLuton Airport Tower
132.600 MHzWest Drayton London Control South Approach
132.650 MHzSwansea Airport Air Sea Rescue / RAF Northolt Queen’s Flight Ops (D) / Oxford Churchill Hospital Helicopter / Nationwide Royal Flights / Nationwide Coastguard Standby / Fisheries Protection / Kent Air Ambulance / London Heathrow Medivac
132.700 MHzWest Drayton London Control (Bristol) / London City Airport Approach and Thames Radar
132.725 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control
132.750 MHzRAF Brize Norton Talkdown
132.800 MHzShannon Airport North Atlantic Track Broadcasts / West Drayton Oceanic Track Broadcasts
132.900 MHzManchester Airport Pennine Radar / Wroughton PFA Arrivals / Nationwide CAA Events Approach and Tower
132.950 MHzWest Drayton London Control

133 MHz

133.000 MHzRAF Mildenhall 100th Refeuling Wing
133.050 MHzManchester Airport Manchester Air Traffic Control
133.100 MHzCardiff Airport Tower
133.125 MHzLeeds and Bradford Airport Radar
133.175 MHzWest Drayton London Control
133.200 MHzPrestwick Scottish Information
133.300 MHzWest Drayton London Military Radar
133.450 MHzWest Drayton London Control
133.512 MHzBristol Police Helicopter to Motorway Police Channel 1
133.525 MHzWest Drayton London Control North Sea
133.550 MHzPlymouth City Airport Approach / Bristol Police Helicopter to Motorway Police Channel 2
133.600 MHzWest Drayton London Control / West Drayton London Control (Cardiff)
133.650 MHzWeston on the Green Weston Radio / Wroughton Tower
133.675 MHzPrestwick Scottish ACC (Entire Route)
133.700 MHzWest Drayton London Control North Sea
133.750 MHzRAF Brize Norton Talkdown
133.800 MHzShannon Airport North Atlantic Track Broadcasts / West Drayton Oceanic Track Broadcasts
133.850 MHzBristol Airport Tower
133.875 MHzNorth Sea Barque Oil Field
133.900 MHzWest Drayton London Military Brize Radar

134 MHz

134.025 MHzFarnborough Airshow Tower
134.050 MHzRAF Wyton Approach / RNAS Predannack Culdrose Approach / RNAS Culdrose Approach and Radar
134.100 MHzAberdeen (Dyce) Radar / Prestwick Highland Radar
134.125 MHzWest Drayton London Control
134.150 MHzShetland Radar / Ballykelly (Army) Approach (Eglinton Tower) / Londonderry Tower
134.175 MHzEast Midlands Airport Approach
134.225 MHzLondon Gatwick Tower
134.250 MHzRAF Mona Radar
134.275 MHzShannon ACC
134.300 MHzPrestwick Scottish Military / RAF Brize Norton Brize Radar / Kemble Radar / USAF Fairford Centralised Approach Control
134.350 MHzRAF Valley Radar (LARS and MATZ) / Farborough (RAE Airfield) Approach / Weston-super-Mere Danger Area
134.425 MHzWest Drayton London Control Irish Sea London Zone
134.450 MHzWest Drayton London Control (Hurn) / London Heathrow
134.475 MHzRAF Mildenhall Tanker Flights Air to Air (Discreet)
134.500 MHzFilton (BAe) Bristol Filton Ops / Nationwide CAA Events (rarely used)
134.650 MHzNationwide RAF Flight Checker
134.750 MHzRAF Odiham Tower and Odiham Information / West Drayton London Control Upper Sector West
134.775 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control
134.800 MHzBelfast City Radar / Biggin Hill Tower
134.850 MHzDuxford Air Display Channel / Prestwick Scottish Air Traffic Control
134.900 MHzWest Drayton London Control
134.925 MHzCranfield Tower
134.975 MHzLondon Heathrow Approach / Nationwide CAA Test Flights

135 MHz

135.000 MHzNationwide CAA Test Flights
135.150 MHzRAF Lyneham Approach / RAF West Drayton London Military Radar
135.175 MHzAberdeen (Dyce Airport) Information / Dunsfold Aerdrome Approach and Radar
135.225 MHzShannon Control Southern Sector
135.250 MHzWest Drayton London Control (Cardiff)
135.275 MHzNationwide Dutch Military in UK Air Space (TASMAN 3)
135.375 MHzWest Drayton London VOLMET (Main) / London Heathrow London VOLMET (Main) / London Gatwick London VOLMET (Main) / Manchester Airport London VOLMET (Main) / Stansted London VOLMET (Main)
135.400 MHzClacton Aerodrome Air and Ground
135.425 MHzWest Drayton London Control
135.475 MHzNationwide UK SAFETYCOM Frequency
135.525 MHzPrestwick Shanwick Oceanic ACC (Clearance)
135.530 MHzScottish Control
135.575 MHzLondon Gatwick Approach
135.580 MHzLondon Control
135.600 MHzShannon Airport ACC
135.625 MHzNationwide Red Arrow Display Team
135.675 MHzPrestwick Scottish Air Traffic Control / Biggin Hill ATIS / RAF Cranwell ATIS
135.700 MHzLee-on-Solent Tower (Fleetlands)
135.750 MHzNationwide CAA Test Flights / Farnborough Air Show Approach
135.850 MHzPrestwick Scottish Control UIR
135.875 MHzRAF Cosford Approach
135.925 MHzNationwide Green March Moroccan Display Team
135.950 MHzNationwide Army Air Corp Blue Eagles Display Team / Blackpool Approach and Radar
135.975 MHzRAF Fairford Silver Eagles Display Team / Nationwide Ryanair (Air to Air) / Nationwide Green March Moroccan Display Team / Nationwide Army Air to Air / Nationwide Army Air Corp Blue Eagles Display Team / Liverpool Airport Mail Flights (Air to Air)

136 MHz

136.000 MHzNationwide Battle of Britain Flight (discrete)
136.050 MHzDublin Airport Radar, Control North and Control South
136.525 MHzLondon Heathrow Thames Radar

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