6JB6A Valve

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The 6BJ6A is a line timebase valve from America, and is thus designed for 525 lines and 60 Hz frame timebase. The anode dissipation is quoted as 17.5 Watts.

This suggests a use in a small screen sized colour receiver or a monochrome set. Larger colour sets used valves with a dissipation of up to 25 Watts.

B9D Mag Noval
6JB6A Schematic Symbol
6JB6A Pinout

Pin 1: Grid Number 2
Pin 2: Grid Number 1
Pin 3: Cathode
Pin 4: Heater
Pin 5: Heater
Pin 6: Grid Number 1
Pin 7: Grid Number 2
Pin 8: Grid Number 3
Pin 9: ‘Do not use’
Cap: Plate


Vf : 6.3v
If : 1.2A
Ikp : 550mA
Wa : 17.5W
Va : 250v
Vs : 150v



6JB6A RCA Datasheet

6JB6A RCA Datasheet

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Thanks to the Valve Museum for the information collected here.

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