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Slight Relapse Day

Basically not a good morning, felt really off, found it hard to stay upright and waned to wretch all the time, was not comfortable at all, Sue dragged me to hospital witch was really bad, the trip down our lane nearly killed me, and every pothole on the way to a main road was a real killer, when we got to the hospital they rushed me in using a wheelchair thankfully and I was so happy to be able to just lay down and relax a little, still wanting to be sick but at least I could try and relax.

They put me oil a drip and shoved loads of fluids into me as well as some different anti-nausea meds, these thankfully seemed to do the trick and by around midday I was starting to feel human again, I know its going to take a while to iron out what meds work for each individual, but I am not joking when I say I would have been a lot happier to be dead than carry on with what I was one, it was so not fun.

I have now been home for a few hours and starting to feel a lot better, checked my sugar levels tonight and they are through the roof (25), so something has set that off a little, most probably the Oasis I had on the way home, bound to be full of sugar but it was cold and tasted good.

We had to pick up some new meds from the local c chemist so I dropped of a bouquet of flowers to say thanks for all that they have done lately, they are a really good team in there and always helpful, but have had to dig deep to make sure my meds are always ready with the amount of changes that have been made of late, and its always nice to let people know they are appreciated, I seem to have very few friends left of late, the closest I have is a great old couple up in Regaby who I regard as the best friends anyone could ever want, sadly I do not get chance to do much for them nowadays especially with my illness, all my other Radio Ham friends have either gone silent key or don’t see or hear much because of there locations or work.

I got a great little e-mail sent to me today out of the blue which really gave me a boost.

Hallo James,

hier ist Günther,  DG1SBU aus der Amateurfunkergruppe, die 2009 und 2011 in Eary Cushlin

war. Ich habe zwischenzeitlich auch Krebs ( Non Hodgkin Lymphom ) und hatte letztes Jahr

eine Chemotherapie und Antikörpertherapie. Mir geht es gerade gut. Bis jetzt habe ich kein Rezidiv.

James halte durch, mach was die Ärzte sagen. Die kennen sich aus. Nutze die Chance. Ich wünsche dir viel

Kraft für die Bewältigung und Überwindung deiner Krankheit. 

73!  DG1SBU   JN48PO

Günther aus Grossbettlingen 

Hello James,

here is Günther, DG1SBU from the amateur radio group that was in Eary Cushlin in 2009 and 2011

was. I also have cancer (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma) and had it last year

chemotherapy and antibody therapy. I’m fine right now. So far I haven’t had a relapse.

James hold on, do what the doctors say. They know their way around. Use the chance. I wish you a lot

Strength to cope with and overcome your illness.


Günther from Grossbettlingen

I really was touched by this, these guys were such great company, and I really like to think of them as all very good friends, this is what makes amateur radio as a hobby so good, its not just when you talk to people like this but when you get to meant them and help each other out. I still often think of Erwin (DL6SBN), one of the crew that visited here, he was also a good friend who was sadly now silent key but will always remembered. Basically good amateurs will always be remembered.

Sop that really cheered me up somewhat, kind of needed it, I know I have support from friends her, other amateurs such as Mike, and Dave are always sending me messages on Faceache and they are always gratefully received, distant family members have cropped up of late and memories start to come through that I have not thought about in a long time. 

I am finding this very heard, I hope that once my body excepts the anti-nausea and pain meds I can start rebuilding a kind of existence, the last few days have been very hard, much harder than I ever thought that they could be.

I have only a few things left that I want to do in life, Get my radio shack up and running. again, with as many old radios as possible, you have to love the smell of dusty valves in the morning. Do some fishing, I have so much gear now and considering that I only manage to get out a few times a year it is not just right! need to get out more. Maybe get a small fishing boat 20-35ft and do some nice wreck fishing again.

You have to look forward, alkyl the messages I get tell me to, goals set, and hopefully I can get through this to tick a few off.

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