Let me Introduce you to Cancer!

Dr Lancaster Aintree appointment

I started feeling a little off pretty recently (March 2021), only small things, mainly pain related, in that I was in pain and it was not going away.

I have been popping more and more Ibuprofen on a daily basis on the run up to being seen by the local vet (The ever beautiful Dr. Christian), and it was getting silly even by my standards, I was taking around 16-32 a day and it was not shifting the acute pain in my neck at all, so after a lot of nagging I managed to get what seems to be a rare thing nowadays, which is a ‘face to face’ appointment with the doctor.

In early June I managed to get a face to face appointment, although mine was mask to mask, but at least I was getting seen, and she said that I needed to be seen at the hospital as soon as possible and booked me in to see the ‘Ears, Nose and Throat’ department.

This appointment was fun! the poor consultant was filling in for Mr. Hogg who was away and this guy was having enough issues himself, his poor wife had been diagnosed with breast. cancer and from the way that he was it was fairly new news.

Arrived promptly at ENT Department and was asked to get my ears checked out first.

2021-06-23 - Hearing Test Results
2021-06-23 - Hearing Test Results

The peaks should be kind of central to the square boxes in the paper printout, so you can see the right is slightly off, and the left is not only off but pointing the wrong way, to which I was told ‘You are medically deaf them’, which would have been good if I could have heard them…

So next we have a camera stuck up my nose, and im watching this on the screen as he is explaining what’s normal and not, and then we get to this point below (the photo below is actually from a later appointment with Mr. Lancaster in Liverpool, but the image is the same), where he say’s, ‘That’s a bloody Hugh one!’ Kind of not what you want to hear really…

Photo of the Secondary Cancer
Photo of the Secondary Cancer

So at this point I am told the ‘C’ word, i.e. Cancer. which does not really worry me at all, mind you im the sort of person that, if there is nothing that I can physically do about something there and then, then I do not worry about it, no point really, I cannot change it so why worry!

Anyway, I choose at this point not to tell anyway and keep it to myself.

The next thing to happen along the line is an MRI of the head and neck, this is nice again though, you get to lay down on a table, ear plugs inserted, wedges around your head and even asked what type of music you like to listen to, not that you will hear much of it, the MRI is basically a big magnetic doughnut that you get shoved into, all totally painless, and I would have fallen asleep if it was not for the loud noises that the machine generates, you can forget sleep, and be very thankful for the ear plugs and the music, as without it, it would have been totally deafening, but after about 30 minutes it is all over and you are shoved out the door to wonder home at your own pass.

At this point in the running I am now also totally deaf in my left ear and the right one is heading in the same direction, this is caused by the tumour pressing onto the channels that link the back of the nose to the ear and therefore I hear totally squat, unless I can crank my head over and I kind of get targeted reception from my right ear but I have to concentrate. All that I do get is the ear is the quite loud beating on my heart (so at least that is still working), and that noise that you used to hear when you put a large sea shell to your ear, but much louder, not quiet that I thought you get when you go deaf, its just that there are lots of noises replacing the kind of normal noises.

So nothing else done on this visit, basically told to go home and carry on with life until I hear from Mr Hogg’s department regarding my results…

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