Drake Radio Downloads – (SC-2 to SW-8)

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Drake Radio Downloads - (SC-2 to SW-8)


Drake Parts, Bits, or Complete Units

I am desperately after anything Drake Related for a Restoration Project, If you have any old Drake stuff laying around, it does not matter how poor the condition is, I just would like something to restore. If you do have anything then please contact me on : mail@md0mdi.im

Please if you can Add anything to this collection

All us Old Restorers would be forever grateful

This site is to make it easier for others to locate Manuals and Technical Information

Drake SC-2 2m FET Converter

Drake SC 2 Photo 001
Drake SC-2 - Brochure

Drake SC-2 - Instruction Manual

Drake SC-6 6m Converter

Drake SC-6 6m Converter
Drake SC-2 - Brochure

Drake SC-6 - Instruction Manual

Drake SCC-1 VHF Crystal Calibrator

Drake SCC-1 Crystal Calibrator - Instructio Sheet

Drake SP-75 Speech Processor

Drake SP-75 Speech Processor
Drake 7 Line Accessory Brochure

Drake SP-75 - Instruction Manual

Drake SP-75 - Schematic Diagram

Drake SPR-4 Receiver

Drake SPR 4 Photo 001
Drake SPR-4 - Brochure

Drake SPR-4 - Instruction Manual 1

Drake SPR-4 - Instruction Manual 2

Drake SPR-4 - Schematic Diagram

Drake SPR-4 - Instruction Manual Errata Sheet

Drake Modifications 6A

Drake SSR-1 Communications Receiver

Drake SSR-1 Communications Receiver
Drake SSR-1 - Instruction Manual

Drake SSR-1 - Alignment Guide

Drake SW-1 AM Shortwave Receiver

Drake SW-1 AM Receiver
Drake SW-1 - Instruction Manual

Drake SW-2 Shortwave Receiver

Drake SW 2 Photo 001
Drake SW-2 - Instruction Manual

Drake SW-4 Shortwave Receiver

Drake SW-4 Shortwave Receiver
SW 4 Brochure 01

Drake SW-4A Shortwave Receiver

Drake SW-4A Receiver
SW 4A Brochure 01

Drake SW-4A - Instruction Manual

Drake SW-8 Wide Band Shortwave Receiver

Drake SW-8 Receiver
Drake SW-8 - Instruction Manual

Drake SW-8 - Schematic Diagram

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