UEFI Multi BOOT with Clover



Your BIOS must have the option UEFI Boot and it must be enabled in order to install operating systems in UEFI mode.

Notice that when this option is enabled, it shows UEFI before the drive name.

OS X installation

You can make an installer like this, or download one from my signature.

You don’t have to boot the OSX installer in UEFI mode, it’s only needed in the following step, to install Clover.

IMPORTANT: to install Windows 7/8 in UEFI mode, the partition table must be pure GPT, it can’t be hybrid MBR like used in old BIOS mode, so when you create the partitions in Disk Utility, do NOT change the Windows partition to MS-DOS (FAT), keep all partitions as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), you will change the other partition(s) format later.

Install OS X in the first partition.

Format a pen drive as FAT32 and install Clover in it.

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