Feedback TLD511 Transmission Line Demonstrator

Feedback TLD511 Transmission Line Demonstrator

Feedback TLD511 Transmission Line Demonstrator

I should have posted this back in January but there has been a lot happening with regards to the impending doom of ones life, but this bit of kit is something that you often do not come across, it is not exactly ‘Test Equipment’, but as it states in it’s own name, it is a Demonstrator to show you in a visual way what can happen alone Transmission lines when you change the impedance, it should be in a college to allow people to see what happened, but alas these bits of kits are now discarded, the practical courses where they would use such a bit of kit has now sadly gone.     

It is a very basic concept, input a signal at one end, place a resistance at the other and set it off and you can see how the signal would travel along a feeder to and from the source, so simple a task but I was just in ore of its simplicity – This is a good piece of kit for a college, it is just a shame that a lot of the good courses have now vanished from the colleges these days, i.e. they all do courses on the mathematics behind electronics, well up to an understanding of Electrical Theory, but they leave off a lot of things, Take soldering nowadays, so many people have no idea of the basics, they can read a schematic but only see it as a road map, not fully understanding what happens, and the fault finding of equipment s just guessed at nowadays.     

I could not resist in tacking the cover off this, and was shown such a simple little unit, it would have been great to spend a few days with it to make notes but I only had a few hours to see what lays beneath this.


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Thanks go to Godfrey (GD4EIP) for letting me have a quick look at this lovely piece of kit.

Last Updated : 1st July 2023

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